How You Should Treat Tinnitus with Ayurvedic Medicine

Cochlear damage is the most common cause of tinnitus which is associated with noise related hearing loss. There are tiny delicate hairs in the ear which move when there is pressure from sound waves. When these hairs vibrate due to a sound, they cause an electrical signal to be sent to the brain through the auditory nerve and the brain interprets it as an intelligent sound. If these hairs are broken then they will trigger random impulses which the brain interprets as noise which is known as tinnitus. This is not the only cause of tinnitus and sometimes it is not possible to diagnose the cause of this ailment. Other causes of tinnitus include other ear segment problems, injuries, chronic health problems and problems that affect the nerves in the ear or the hearing center in the brain. Ayurvedic tinnitus treatment in India is easily available at a reasonable price.

Restoring the Balance of the Body

According to Ayurveda any trouble with the nervous system indicates a vata imbalance. Vata is the dosha governing air and sound due to which the hearing mechanism is easily affected when this dosha is out of balance. Let us look at the different techniques which cause the vata balance to be restored. One of the methods to deal with tinnitus is to opt for Ayurvedic treatment of ear pain and tinnitus.

Vata Balancing Lifestyle Therapies

Eat three meals which are relaxing in nature and do not take any snacks or sugar. Go to sleep around 10 pm and wake up with the sunrise. Opt for non-processed foods which should be chosen from the winter foods list as prescribed by a professional Ayurvedic doctor who has knowledge about tinnitus Ayurveda treatment. Meditating twice daily is also a good way of dealing with imbalanced vata. Such meditation is usually taught at the good Ayurvedic hospitals and even individual practitioners of Ayurveda can teach you how to meditate to alleviate the problems of ear pain and tinnitus.

Massage your own body with Ayurvedic oil to balance the problem of tinnitus. All these practices will go a long way in balancing the vata and to some extent the other two doshas. Along with Ayurvedic medicine for tinnitus you should also perform these activities in case you are suffering from ear pain or tinnitus.

The natural remedies for tinnitus should be prescribed and administered by a qualified Ayurvedic doctor. Garlic oil drops are another method with which you can treat the ear problem. First of all you should have at hand a bottle of nasya oil from a good Ayurvedic practitioner or source. Pour this oil in a pot and add two peeled cloves of garlic.

Heat the oil which pressurizing the cloves and it will produce a slight unfriendly sound when they pop. When the cloves stop popping your oil for nasya is ready and you should cool the oil and store it in a bottle. This nasya oil should be used prior to going to bed at night. Fill the ears with garlic oil in the morning every day. Close the ear flaps and massage gently for 10-15 minutes.