Endocrine Therapy

Endocrine Therapy in Ayurveda for Freedom from Disorders

The endocrine system of the body is made up of glands that secrete various hormones necessary for the proper functioning of the body. Nowadays the unhealthy lifestyles and improper diet lead to many endocrine disorders which require the intervention of an endocrine specialist. However, the specialists following the allopathic system of medicine are only able to treat the symptoms as allopathy is not a holistic science. Ayurveda on the other hand treats the whole person taking into consideration, physical, mental and emotional health. Endocrine therapy in Ayurveda is not only about treating the ailment, but it also alleviates the basic root cause of the ailment. This is the reason that Ayurveda is able to cure many endocrine problems which are considered to be incurable in the allopathic system of medicine.

Causes of Endocrine Disorders

The endocrine system of the body serving different purposes can start malfunctioning due to stress, and lifestyle factors mentioned above. In the Ayurvedic system of endocrine therapy the causes of different endocrine disorders are attributed to the imbalance in the three doshas that govern the functioning of the human body. These three doshas are vata pitta and kapha and they in turn are formed of the 5 elements of nature – earth, fire, air, water and space. The doshas become imbalanced due to internal as well as external factors. Ayurveda aims at balancing these doshas to ensure good health, whether it is the endocrine system or any other problem related to the health of the person.

The common endocrine disorders include type 1 and 2 diabetes, hypo/hyper thyroidism, adrenal disorders, hypoglycemia, low testosterone, pituitary disorders, polycystic ovaries, goiters, cushing’s syndrome and others. The allopathic system of medicine considers the outwards causes of these disorders, but Ayurveda takes into consideration the overall bodily and mental health of the person. An Ayurvedic best endocrinologist doctor in Nagpur will prescribe herbal and mineral medicines along with yoga exercises and an Ayurvedic diet plan which will eradicate the root cause of the endocrine problem that the person is facing.

Ayurvedic Therapies

Ayurvedic therapies include vamana which is induced vomiting for which the patient is given some herbal medicines. These medicines ensure that the toxins in the body are removed through vomiting. Another treatment is virechana in which the toxins are removed from the bowels through stools at the same time,vasti is a herbal enema which also removes the toxins from the digestive tract. Nasya is the administration of medicines through the nose. These therapies along with herbal and mineral medicine consumed by the person will cure most of the endocrine problems like hypo/hyper thyroidism, diabetes and others. Even if there are some problems that Ayurveda cannot cure completely at least they will be become manageable. Apart from herbal medicine and therapies, changes in the diet and lifestyle are also prescribed by the best Ayurvedic endocrinologist.