Hip Pain

Opt For Cure of Hip Pain the Ayurvedic Way

Hip pain is a pain in the joint of the hip and sometimes, if you get pain in the hips then it may just mean that you need some rest. However, it could also be an indication that something is majorly wrong in the hip joint. Many people choose to ignore the pain and approach a doctor only when it is too late.

However, if you act sooner and opt for treatment with system of Ayurvedic hip joint pain in Nagpur or elsewhere then the problem can be cured completely. For this treatment you need the help of a good ayurvedic doctor and you can find such a doctor in an Ayurvedic hospital.

Needless to say Ayurveda is a holistic method of treatment and takes the whole person into consideration. Due to this Ayurveda is able to completely cure the hip joint pain whereas allopathic only has harsh and invasive treatments like hip joint replacement which has a major chance of failure.

Causes of Pain in the Hip

Hip pain is very often the result of excessive workload which puts a lot of pressure on the hip joint. Any past injury which you didn’t take care of or a dislocation or fracture can also be the reason for pain in the hip joint. At the same time, the wear and tear of the hip joint cartilage can also cause this ailment.

The wear and tear of the hip joint or a hip joint affected by osteoarthritis could be the result of pain in the hip joint. Ayurveda can completely cure pain in the hip joint with the help of some medicines and therapies. According to Ayurveda pain in the hip joint is usually due to aggravation of the vata dosha.

Treatment of hip joint pain in Ayurveda

The first step of treatment is to find the root cause of the pain. In this you should never opt for self diagnosis or treatment and it is always advisable to consult a good Ayurvedic doctor. They will first determine whether the pain in your hip joint is simply a symptom of some underlying cause or is a problem in itself.

  • The first thing that an Ayurvedic doctor will advise is rest which is not bed rest but instead avoiding strenuous activities which increase the pain.
  • Abhyangam is the massage which only experienced therapists can do. This is because a wrong approach in this massage can worsen the condition. Abhyangam helps in reducing the aggravation of vata dosha which causes the pain in the first place.
  • Kati vasti is herbal oil formulations which are poured into dough based poultices and these poultices are placed on the region where the pain is.
  • Yoga is also advised to people suffering from hip pain because the yoga exercises help in strengthening the joint and help ease the pain.
  • You should opt for foods that strengthen the skeletal structure and these foods include lentils, curd and milk. Junk food should be completely avoided and you should consume food that is rich in minerals and vitamins.
  • In lifestyle changes prescribed by hip joint treatment in Ayurveda you should avoid activities that put pressure on the hip joint. You should also avoid excessively strenuous exercises and opt for ergonomic furniture in your home.