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How to Get Best Osteology Treatment with Ayurveda

Ayurveda is an ancient science of medicine dating 5000 years back. This system of medicine is able to cure many ailments which the allopathic system of medicine considers to be incurable. This is the reason that nowadays Ayurveda is not only being practiced in India, but also in advanced countries like the US, UK etc. According to Ayurveda the human osteology is known as the asthisharir, where asthi means bones. The ancient scholars who formulated the ayurvedic system of medicine have noted the treatment of the bones which the help of herbal and mineral medicines and also proper yogic exercise.

The bone or asthi forms the framework of the body structure and treatment of the bones requires a proper analysis of the three main doshas – vata pitta and kafa. Fragile bones which break easily are due to the imbalance in the vata dosha which makes the bones osteoporotic and they fracture easily. Imbalance of the kapha dosha causes the bones to become unnaturally dense and thick. Pitta dosha imbalance causes bone infections and inflammation while osteoarthritis is due to a combined effect of vitiated kafa and vata.

Common Bone Problems

Low bone density and osteoporosis is recognized by bones which break easily even with the slightest impact. On the other hand osteogenesis imperfect makes the bones brittle and hence easily breakable. Paget’s disease in the bones makes them weak and they ache more. Bones can also develop TB, cancer and infections. Bone TB usually affects the spine and the symptoms of TB cancer and infections are all pain in the bones of different severity. Other bone disease may be caused by poor nutrition, genetics or there may be problems with the growth or rebuilding of the bones. If you are facing any bone problems and are looking for osteology treatment in Nagpur or elsewhere you should look for an Ayurvedic hospital as this is a holistic science which will eradicate the root cause of the problem.

Ayurvedic treatment for bones

Whether as prevention or as a cure, Ayurveda places a lot of importance on the diet of the individual. The people with vata vitiation it is advisable to eat sweet foods like whole grains, and nuts, while they should eat less root vegetables and avoid fruits or leafy green vegetables. If the problem is in the kapha dosha then you should eat more fruits and green vegetables. However excessive fruits can cause aggravation of the kapha and hence should be consumed in moderation. You should consult a proper Ayurvedic doctor who will not only provide Ayurvedic medicine for bone pain and other bone related problems but will also provide a proper diet chart. The herbal medicines most commonly used for the treatment of bone related problems include bhringaraj, amalaki, kutki and guggul. They work on the kafa and pitta dosha in the bones.

When it comes to holistic treatment then few systems of medicine are as effective as Ayurveda. In fact the Ayurvedic system of medicine will be able to eradicate the root cause of the bone problems that you are facing.