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Advantage of Doctor’s Online consultation

1. Book Online Appointment with your preferred date and time to consult from the best-concerned doctor.

2. Get a Live Video Consultancy with Renowned Ayurvedic doctors of India.

3. Have a Physical Visit to the best Ayurveda Hospital and consult with the concerned Ayurvedic Doctor.

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Consult doctors online for any health concern

As we know COVID-19 creates a never done situation.

Doctors are considering introducing video consultations as a matter of urgency to reduce risk of virus.

Parijatak Ayurveda has come up with video consultations using modern technologies appear broadly safe for low-risk patients. There is research on the use of video consultation in epidemic situations. Video consultation is associated with high patients and staff satisfaction, and highly cost savings compared to traditional consultations. Introducing video consultation services in a healthcare organization or clinical services is more difficult that people assume. The only motive of face to face consultation because of concerns about covid-19. But only for the sake of people health Parijatak Ayurveda has started online video consultation.

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