Manal kizhi

Manal kizhi

The word ‘Manal’ means sand in Malyalam .This is basically a dry Kizhi treatment excellent for reducing Amavata this kizhi is performed mostly locally.Valuka Sweda is a form of fomentation method in which we use heated clean sand tied in a bundle to provide heat to the pain afflicted joints especially in diseases like Amavata (Rheumatoid Arthritis), Urustambha (stiffness of thigh and lower limbs), Medoroga (diseases manifested due to disturbances in fat metabolism) etc. Valuka Sweda is the best treatment when there is chronic progressive disease causing inflammation in the joints that result in painful deformity and immobility, especially in the fingers, wrists, feet and ankles. When vata, kapha and ama dosha are predominant Valuka sweda is the best choice. Due to its dry heating property it liquefies the morbid kapha and ama and facilitates good circulation and clears the blocks. It improves the fat metabolism. It helps in reduction of inflammation and eases the joint movements. Sometimes instead of sand even powdered brick is used for treatment purpose and then it is called as Ishtika Sweda. It is used especially when there is pain in the heels such as in calcaneal spurs.

Precautions :

Since the sand takes up lot of heat the health therapist check the kizhi on their own hand before using it on the patient

Since the sand is heavy the therapist does not apply to much pressure

This treatment is not advised for osteoarthritis patient.

Indication :

Rheumatic arthritis ( amavata )

Pada abhyangam ( foot massage )