Kidney stone

How to Get Best Kidney stone Treatment with Ayurveda

Renal calculi are commonly known as kidney stones and they are made up of calcium phosphate, calcium oxalate, Magnesium Ammonium phosphate and uric acid. A kidney stone is a hard mass which develops from crystals. Formation of stones is a natural process in the body in later stage in life but usually they are washed out of the body.

However, in cases where people consume hard underground water or very high mineral content in food it increases the chances of stone formation in the urinary tract and mainly the kidney. If you are suffering from kidney stones then it is advisable to take treatment from kidney stone specialists in Nagpur or elsewhere. An Ayurvedic doctor is usually the best doctor for kidney stones because he or she will use natural and non-invasive methods for removing the stone from your kidney.

Causes of Kidney Stone

Apart from the causes mentioned above kidney stone can also be caused by less water intake, overeating, avoiding or postponing urinal urges, staying up late nights, consuming too many aerated drinks, irregular daily regimes which cause acidity, sedentary lifestyle, eating at irregular times, use of foods with preservatives, excessive alcohol consumption, excessive non-vegetarian food, too much caffeine and regular urinary tract infection.

Consulting a kidney stone specialist in Nagpur will help you to prevent kidney stone and if it does occur then thebest doctor for kidney stone is the one who prescribes Ayurvedic medicine.

Symptoms of Kidney Stone

It is advisable to look for the best hospital for kidney stone if you experience the symptoms of kidney stone. Sudden severe pain in the flanks which migrates towards the groin, vomiting and nausea, repeated urinary infection, bleeding in urine, increased frequency of urination, pain and inflammation when passing urine.

These are the symptoms of kidney stone and if you are experiencing any of these then you should look for the best hospital for kidney stone. Such a hospital will also have the best doctor for kidney stone.

Ayurvedic Cure for Kidney Stone

You should never try to self medicate yourself and should always consult the best doctor for kidney stone who will prescribe Ayurvedic treatment for kidney stone. This is because the herbal medicines are quite potent and require proper knowledge of their administering to the patient suffering from stone in the kidney.

The best hospital for kidney stone will have facilities like lab tests etc. to confirm that the patient indeed has kidney stone. This is because even Ayurvedic doctors have nowadays started taking help of modern methods of diagnosis of ailments.