Kapha Dosha


Kapha dosha guna-

स्निग्धः शीतो गुरुर्मन्दःश्लक्ष्णो मृत्स्न:स्थिरः कफः // अ ह्रु सु १/१२

Kapha is snigdha(unctuous),sheet (cold),guru (heavy) ,shlakshan,sthira (stagnant) in nature.

Kapha dosha Functions-

सन्धीसंश्लेषण स्नेहन रोपण पुरण बल स्थौर्यकृत श्लेष्मा /
पंचधा प्रविभक्त उदककर्मणानुग्रह करोति// सु.सू १५/४

श्लेष्मा स्थिरत्वस्निग्धत्व संधीबंधक्षमा दिभिः / अ हृ सु ११/३

Kapha is responsible for holding the all parts of body.It is responsible for compactness and stability of the joints.

Oil is essential for normal functioning of any machine as it avoids the friction between the two conjoint parts,similarly kapha is responsible for lubrication between joints .Kapha avoids the friction between two joints.It acts as shock absorber.Also responsible for smooth functioning of joints.

All nutrients are prominently represent apha.

Kapha doshas joins the molecules in compact manner ,which provides stability strength,firmness to body tissues and cells.

In mind thinking process,vata helps to explore more option,pitta helps to analyse the option whether it is good or bad while kapha helps in stability of desecion.

Kapha Dosha Types-

It is of five types.

Avalambaka Kapha-
The site of Avalambaka Kapha is chest.It perfoms the lubrication,nourishing etc functions that are attributed to water element by its innate strength and by the power of essence of food.It also promotes the functioning of other types of kapha

Kledaka Kapha-
Present in stomach.It helps in digestion by moisten the hard food mass.
Bodhaka Kapha-
Present in tongue.It is responsible for taste perception
Tarpaka Kapha-
Present in head.It provide nourishment to sense organs
Shleshamka Kapha-
Present in bone joints.It provide strength and lubrication to joints.

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