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Ayurvedic Recipe for Kale Chips with Pine Nuts

Appetizers are often overlooked while preparing a meal. Most of the times the appetizers tend to be oily and heavy, but these kale chips are far from that. Kale used to be considered only as a frilly garnish, but after realizing the benefits of this leafy green vegetable people have started making delicious dishes. This recipe is also an interesting one and at the same time, it is also packed with nutrients that supports hydration, purification and provides life-supporting prana or energy. These chips are baked and hence easy to digest and they take care of the kafa type of digestive system. If in case you are not suffering from problems with kapha then you can try using the vata and pitta churnas instead of the kapha churna.

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Duration: 1hr

Ayurvedic Pizza

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