Frequently Asked Questions

There are many ayurvedic preparations available for Parkinson’s.But it will be prescribe after patient’s examination.

We have a effective treatments on piles however a permant cure can not be assured.

Yes .In Ayurveda we have wide range of medicines for IBS treatment.

Yes .It is not only done for disease management but also to maintaine the health.

Yes definitely.Shirodhara with Padabhyanga shows tremendous results in Insomnia.

Yes. There is treatment for thyroid. But I want to know that whether it is hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism.

Yes. We have, First we do the assessment of the patient then we will prescribe the medicines for that.

There are many benefits of Abhyangam and steam.You can read it Panchakarma segment in details.

Removal of toxins through vomiting is called as vaman.It is done in Vasanta Rutu.

Yes you can.Restricted diet and Excersice is essential for this.