Beauty Tips

Ayurvedic Beauty Tips for a Glowing Skin and Healthy Hair

If you are facing the problem of hair loss then the best doctor for hair loss in or elsewhere can be found in an Ayurvedic hospital. Usually the Ayurvedic doctors who provide treatment for hair loss can also provide some Ayurvedic beauty tips which will keep your skin glowing and healthy. Skin care does not just include applying topical lotions and creams, but the beauty of the skin depends on your body’s internal health. What you eat plays a major role in determining the beauty of the skin. Then again stress and unhealthy lifestyle will also have a negative impact on the skin and for this you need to change your lifestyle and adopt healthy habits like meditation and yoga.

Tanning of Skin

Overexposure to the sunlight causes tanning as we all know, but even hormonal imbalances can do that. These hormonal imbalances also cause excessive acne which can mar the glow of the skin. Ayurvedic treatment for skin glow will not only take care of the visible problem but will cure the underlying hormonal imbalance which is causing the problem of acne or darkened skin.

Usually, the problems of tanning and acne occur on the facial skin and this is the reason that it mars the total personality of the person. A healthy and glowing skin does not just enhance your appearance but also indicates that you are healthy from within. This is the reason that you need to get problems like acne and tanning of skin treated at an Ayurvedic hospital elsewhere.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Skin and Hair

As far as hair loss is concerned the ayurvedic doctors will prescribe an ayurvedic diet which supports hair growth. This is also true of skin problems because usually unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle are responsible for the majority of skin problems. Often the hair and skin problems are linked and this is why if you want to get the proper treatment of hair and skin problems then you should opt for Ayurvedic hair loss treatment elsewhere. This is because the ayurvedic doctor providing hair loss treatment will also be able to provide treatment for your skin problems.

For a healthy glowing skin, it is important to eat a lot of fresh watery vegetables like lettuce and cucumber. It is advisable to combine three vegetables and add olive oil and lemon juice to keep your skin and hair healthy. The Vata dosha in the body has a drying quality hence to keep it in balance you should consume natural oils like the ones found in nuts and seeds. Nuts and seeds contain Omega 3 and that is very healthy for the skin. You should also drink herbal teas like ginger and lemon tea to keep the skin healthy.

This tea when had early in the morning will wake you up and enhance your metabolism which is necessary for glowing skin. Getting sufficient sleep is also necessary for healthy skin. A massage with apricot or coconut oil at night will keep the skin hydrated and help in draining the lymph glands. All these measures along with herbal and mineral medicine provided by an Ayurvedic doctor will help in keeping the skin and hair healthy.