Allergy Treatment

Get Relief with Allergy Treatment in Nagpur

Allergy is an overreaction of the body’s immune system to otherwise harmless things. This includes allergies of the skin, digestive system and respiratory system. Allergies mainly affect these three systems of the human body. If you suffer from allergies of any kind, you should opt for allergy treatment in Nagpur or elsewhere.

Allergies can be light and part of life like hay fever, allergic rhinitis, and others. Allergies which are a little serious and cause more discomfort can be eczema of the skin, urticaria and asthma. Allopathic system of medicine does not have any permanent cure for allergies, but with ayurvedic medicine you can get relief from them permanently in most cases.

Ayurveda for skin allergy

  • If you have skin allergy then you should opt for ayurvedic medicine for skin allergy.
  • The treatment of any allergy begins with removing the vitiation of the dosha that is causing it.
  • For the treatment of all the three doshaspanchkarma therapy is a great treatment
  • Apart from this for skin allergies treatments like shodhana and other topical applications is administered to the person.

  • Allergic asthma treatment, along with other allergies causing problems in the respiratory system is treated by calming the kaphadosha in the body. This is apt because most of these allergies occur at the time of the change in season from winter to spring is the time of kapha vitiation.

    The main focus of ayurvedicallergy treatment in Nagpur is a change in food habits and lifestyle. The diet is prescribed according to the dosha type of the person. For instance, in case of allergies affecting the digestive system, the ayurvedic doctors prescribe foods that strengthen the agni or the pitta dosha.

    The three doshasvata, pitta and kapha correspond to the five elements that form the body. The five elements are earth, air, water, fire and space. Ayurvedicallergy treatment in Nagpur or elsewhere also prescribes a change in lifestyle.

    According to this lifestyle, sleeping and waking early are a must. You should also have some form of exercise in your daily routine. The best form of exercise is yoga, but if you are unable to do this then you can start walking, cycling or any mild exercise that suits you well.

    According to allergy treatment in Ayurveda, a change in lifestyle also involves avoiding stress. However, in modern times, it is difficult to avoid stress, and hence you should take up meditation which reduces your stress levels.

    In most of the good ayurvedic hospitals, there are yoga and meditation teachers so that you can learn the necessary techniques from them. At the same time, the good ayurvedic hospitals also organize retreats where they provide treatment for various types of allergies and other ailments.

    These retreats however, are of long duration and you may not be able to attend them. This is because for these retreats you may have to stay there for a long duration. In this case, you can opt for a good Ayurvedic hospital which provides out-patient allergy treatment