How Ayurveda and HIV Can Help You Manage the Ailment

According to the Ayurveda and HIV, this infection and aids are related to kshaya or Ojakshaya which means loss of energy. Symptoms, along with causes of HIV and treatment for HIV are mentioned in many ancient Ayurvedic compilations like:

  • Charakasamhita
  • Vaidyachintamani
  • Bhavaprakasha
  • Chakradatta

  • In HIV the kaphadosha is dominant and it blocks the flow of the rasadidhatu which in turn results in deterioration of sapthadhatu rasa or the plasma. It also deteriorates the blood cells, muscular tissue, adipose tissue, bone tissue, bone marrow and reproductive tissue. All this happens when the HIV infections becomes full blown and causes aids.

    Relation between Ayurveda And HIV

    According to the allopathic system, HIV and aids are incurable. While Ayurveda claims to completely cure the ailment and even if it may not be able to completely cure the ailment it gives the patient a very good chance at leading a normal life.

    The Ayurvedic medicines do not have any side effects and are harmless. These medicines cause an improvement in the condition of a patient suffering from an HIV infection or aids. This is the reason that if you are looking for HIV treatment in Nagpur then you should opt for Ayurveda. The best treatment for HIV with the Ayurvedic treatment methods is available in good Ayurvedic hospitals

  • The first thing to do is to make sure that the environment around the person is good and healthy. There should be strong mental and emotional support from family and friends.
  • The patient should eat nourishing foods which are easy to digest.
  • They should be encouraged to do easy and simple exercise.

  • Ayurvedic Treatment of HIV and Aids

    First of all the patient is given rasayanas which are tonics and rejuvenators. These will boost the immunity level of the person along with strengthening the system and boosting appetite. Once the patient gains some strength they are given the treatment of shodhana. Panchkarma is also an important treatment for HIV patients.

  • Panchakarma is only used when the patient has gained some strength.
  • While in this treatment the toxins are removed from the system with the help of purgation, enemas and emesis.
  • At this stage mild medicines which are ghee based are given to the patient.
  • The next step is to purify the blood with the right medicines meant for this purpose.
  • Even swedana therapy is used to use steam to make the patient sweat and this weakens and sometimes destroys the HIV virus.

  • Dietary and Lifestyle Changes

  • The diet prescribed in Ayurveda and HIV is strengthening which is supplemented with ghee preparations and soups.
  • The patient is advised to do regular exercise in HIV treatment in Ayurveda.
  • Even the medicines that are prescribed for HIV positive treatment in Ayurveda work to improve the condition of HIV and aids patients.
  • The two effects of rasayana and vajikara are good for the patient.
  • Apart from the special herbo-mineral concoctions some proprietary medicines are also prescribed to the patient and these medicines include chyavanprash, raktavardhak and sookshamatriphala tablets.
  • These strengthen the immune system of the body and help fight the HIV virus.