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Cardiospasm Treatment

The esophagus is frequently overlooked as the site of disease, and symptoms caused by lesions in this organ are often attrib- uted to other thoracic or abdominal abnormalities. The esophageallesion that most frequently escapes detection is cardiospasm.

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Coronal Artery Diseases

Coronary artery disease also is called CAD or coronary heart disease. It is occurs when the blood vessels (coronary arteries) that carry blood to your heart harden. The thickening looks like a fatty substance. It is called plaque. As it builds up inside the walls of the arteries, it blocks blood flow to your heart.

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Ischaemic Heart Disease

This is the disease state where the atherosclerotic process has reached a level that has produced reduced blood flow to the heart muscle, presenting as one of: an acute coronary syndrome (heartattack / unstable angina), exertional angina, heart failure, a finding on a screening stress test or worst, as sudden death.

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Valvuar Disease

Valvular disease is when there is damage to any of the four heart valves: the mitral, aortic, tricuspid or pulmonary. During valvular heart disease, the valves become too narrow and hardened (stenotic) to open fully, or are unable to close completely (incompetent).

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