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Nagpur is in touch with the most authentic and meticulous treatment option known as Ayurveda. The Ayurveda Treatment Center in Nagpur works with the Holistic Vision offering quality Ayurvedic services. It has emerged as one of the leading treatment centers for Ayurveda Health Services along with Kerala Panchakarma Therapies. In other words, when it comes to availing quality and authentic Ayurveda treatment for wide range of ailments, Parijatak can be called as the one stop shop for you in central India.

The man behind Parijatak is Dr. Nitesh Khonde, who is the driving force of this clinic carving its niche hard in the healthcare sector in Nagpur with his massive exposure & expertise. He holds the Chief Physician at the facility. He along with his wife, Mrs.Lina Khonde and the trained staff have come a long way in establishing the clinic in central India as the most authentic place for Ayurveda treatment center. Their best pain relief therapies and wellness treatment options for skincare, fitness and stress management have added values in the lives of countless people not just from Nagpur all across its vicinity. He believes not just curing the disease or ailment but enhancing the overall quality of life.

The clinic offering a wide range of Ayurveda treatment and therapies are carried out under the supervision of trained Ayurveda experts, which makes the clinic different from others.

Parijatak Ayurveda is Synonymous to Holistic Treatment Plans

Parijatak Ayurveda epitomises Holistic Treatment plans for a wide range of ailments and medical conditions. Ayurveda, as we know, is one of the best and most authentic kinds of a treatment option, which has no side effects has proved a blessing in disguise in the modern pretext.

Today the Ayurveda treatment options like Panchakarma, Rejuvenation Treatment, and Detoxification Treatment have become the key source of cleansing and healing your physical body and spiritual body.

The Wellness and Panchakarma packages encompass Yoga and Meditation backed with a proper balanced diet and workout regime to give a comprehensive healing effect to body, soul, and mind.

parijatak speciallises in ...

  • Complete Back Pain Relieving Oil Therapy
  • Complete care for SPINE and KNEE Pain
  • Weight Loss, Obesity
  • Detoxification and Rejuvenating Panchakarma
  • Full Body Detoxification
  • Arthritis, Paralysis, Depression
  • Rejuvenating Kerala Panchakarma
  • Heart Treatment
  • Gynecology Treatment
  • Diabetes Treatment
  • Summer cooling and Skin glow Therapies
  • Psoriasis Treatment
  • All Treatments done by only Kerala Panchakarma Therapist

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Lina Khonde

Amol Wande

Dr.Rupali Mahajan

Sonu soman.k

Sreejith Sree


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Many of our clients can vouch for our quality treatment options, have a look at them

I was under treatment from april to august ‘17 for slip disc comparison in L5-S1. For the first time when i came to the Parijatak hospital i was having severe back pain from one year and was unable to do my daily routine work.But after i took all the treatment from Parijatak Ayurveda hospital now i am feeling better and also my medical issues are resolved.The ambience of the hospital is very soothing which makes us feel relaxed.All staff and doctors take care of the patient very nicely.Thanking you for all your care and support.
Best wishes for future.

My sincere thanks to Nitesh sir and his team.
Thank you so much sir.......

Heena December 21, 2017

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154, Shankar Nagar, Near Garden,
Phone No :- +91-7126597777, 6596666
info@parijatak.com , ayurveda@parijatak.com

Khamla Branch :
19, Kotwal Nagar, Khamla Square,
Phone No :- +91-712 650007
info@parijatak.com , ayurveda@parijatak.com

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