Yukti Pramana

Yukti means Yojana means planning and doing something according to one’s ability and area of expertise.

बुद्धि पश्यति या भावान् बहुकारण योगजान्
युक्तिरित्रकाला सा ज्ञेया त्रीवर्ग: साध्यते यया // च सु ११ /२५
It means intellectually planning on the basis of Pratyaksha and anumana
The knowledge which sees the things produced by the combination of Multiple causative factors is known as Yukti.
Or it can be said that the knowledge obtained from many sources or many things when operating together.
Eg.Harvest-is the combination of water,tiling operation,seeds and season

Clinical Application-
Yukti Pramana helps in diagnosis of disease when there is involvement of multiple doshas,or presence of confusing signs and symptoms .
It also helps in line of treatment of disease because correct diagnosis helps in correct treatment of disease.
It also helps the physiscian to take decision based on his medical knowledge,practical experience,intelligence,observations and analyctic skill to formulate an effective treatment.
By Yukti Pramana we get the knowledge aboutkriyakala,agni,aushadhi sevan kala,matra etc
Use of thermometer in mercury column suggestive of increase in body temperature
Presence of sugar in urine suggestive of diabetes
All chemical test in laboratory is suggestive of any pathological changes in body
Graph obtained from ECG is indicative of hearts functioning
x-ray,USG-MRI-all helps in dectection of abnormality.

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