What Everyone Must Know About Bleeding Piles

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What Everyone Must Know About Bleeding Piles, Ayurvedic treatment of bleeding piles in India, Bleeding piles is a painful and troublesome bowel condition accompanied by blood flow caused due to immense straining or pressure during defecation. This not only induces physical discomfort but also impairs the emotional health of the person. Often there are people who feel shy to share the condition and later get into a bigger trouble that can further lead to a fatal medical issue. If you are one of those who is facing bleeding piles, it is always advisable to seek medical help and get the treatment done with immediate effect or else blood loss can end up to causing severe weakness or anemia.

Go the Ayurvedic Way

According to Ayurveda, bleeding piles is known as ‘Ardra Arsa’ or ‘Rakt Arsa’ wherein ‘Ardra’ means ‘Moist’, ‘Rakt’ means ‘Blood’, and ‘Arsa’ means ‘Enemy’. The key cause is the dominance of the rakta dhatu and pitta dosha. The rakta dhatu is made up of fire and shares a similar quality of the pitta dosha made of primarily fire and little bit of water. The term ‘Arsa’ is given to Piles or Hemorrhoids because it is considered to be the biggest enemy of human being causing an excess of pain and trouble all throughout until it is completely eradicated from the system. However, the best cure for hemorrhoids is taking the holistic way to Ayurveda.

Ayurveda Defines the Best Cure for Bleeding Hemorrhoids

Ayurveda has the best cure for hemorrhoids to treat Ardra Arsa with a complete course of medication available at Parijatak. In this type of piles, there is lots of blood loss and hence the treatment caters to increase the blood count while restoring the blood count. Some of the best medicines for piles adopted for natural treatment are:

  • External application of sesame seeds poultice over bleeding piles
  • Oral intake of a homemade mixture composed of ripe bael fruit, black pepper, sugar, cardamom powder
  • A decoction of the fruit peel of hard (Terminalia chebula) with a little bit of jaggery
  • Oral intake of an Ayurvedic mixture composed of kachnaar guggul, vara churan, sanjivani
  • Intake of 60 ml Kutajadi kasayam twice in a day before a meal
  • Intake of arrowroot (Thugaksiri) kanji, curnam, gulika, and lehyam also beneficial for rakta arsas
  • Mixture of lotus stem (Kamal keshara) with butter early in the morning
  • Churned cream mixed with water taken once daily.

Apart from the availability of these Ayurvedic medicines bleeding piles Nagpur at Parijatak, we also follow some thoughtful and researched therapies and procedures like:

  • Sadhana is a purification procedure that involves intake use of Patola katurohinyadi kasayam Samanam is a procedure to relieve pain using herbal formulations like mahatikrakam kasayam, mrdvikadi kasayam, Trayantyadi kasayam, Chandana usiradi kasayam, and Tikataka kasayam, Dusparsakadi kasayam.
  • Sthambanam procedure that employs Pusyanukam sita kasayam to stop bleeding.

If you are suffering the pain of bleeding piles, trust Parijatak and its team of expert doctors who are always on toes to go with a holistic way of curing your health disorder.

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