Want to Know about the Ayurvedic Knee Pain Treatment?

Pain in the knee is a very common scenario in India that affects people of all ages particularly the older age people. This pain can be either due to a sudden injury or even due to underlying conditions that have been kept untreated by the proper exercise and yoga, like arthritis, dislocated knee to name a few.

This pain in the knee joints is even more evident that before, considering the lifestyle changes and the food habits along with less or bare minimum exercise in the culture. This has brought various allopathic medicines for treatment or rather pain reduction but the problem is that the idea is not to nullify the pain by removing the sensory effects of the pain, but to end the problem from its roots.

Ayurveda, is an ancient Indian recipe to health and wellness, it has herbs from the nature, infused in the best way to cure illnesses like knee pain and also treat it permanently. Ayurveda considers knee pain due to two major reasons, one being improper nourished knee joints or even low bone density bringing weakness in the joint. This problem starts with a little discomfort in the knee and further even results in the immobilisation of the knee joints. Every body part needs nourishment and knee is no exception. 

The best methods to treat knee pain through Ayurveda are:-
  1. Fenugreek is one of the best Ayurvedic treatments for knee pain, because of two major properties that it holds, one being inflammatory and second being anti-oxidant properties of it. If 1 tablespoon of properly grounded fenugreek is taken with a glass of semi or lukewarm water, then the pain will ease out and so will the symptoms. Continue the process till effective results are noticed. You can also soak the fenugreek overnight and take it in the morning.

  1. The next best idea is to take turmeric since it is again a very good knee joint pain treatment option in ayurveda. To take 1 tablespoon of turmeric glass of warm milk is a great idea and consuming on a daily basis increases your immunity system and also helps in easing the pain and swelling associated with knee pain.

  1. When we talk about massage, it is one of the best and the simplest home remedies for reducing stiffness and also helping in relieving from swelling.

  1. Knee pain is also associated with people having lower levels of magnesium, using Epsom salt. It is helpful for reducing the inflammation and in using detoxification; the idea is to reduce the knee pain by soaking it in lukewarm Epsom salts for some time.

  1. Slight walking helps relax and compress the muscles to induce movement and avoid stiffness.

  1. Heavyweight or obesity is a killer for knee pain because it increases the pressure on the need and thereby induces arthritis as well. Thus, people who are obese, have excess weight at a higher risk of knee pain and it is important to maintain the weight to keep the knee pain controlled. For having this, one needs to have a balanced diet which is high in fibre, fruits and vegetables and low in fat and carbohydrates.


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