Vruddhadaru Plant

वृद्धदारू: कषायोष्ण: कटूस्तिक्तो रसायन: |

वृष्यो वातामवातार्श: शोथमेहकफप्रनुत |

शुक्रायुर्बलमेधामिग्नीस्वरकान्तीकर: सर: || भ.प्र.

Botanical Name:Argyreiaspeciosa Sweet


According To Modern

Kingdom –Plantae

Order –Polemeniales

Family     –Convolvulaceae

According To Ayurveda

Charak-Not included in Varga

Sushruta-Not included in Gana

Bhavprakash- GuducyadiVarga

Dhanvatari Nighantu-Karveeradi varga

Raja Nighantu-Guduchyadi Varga

Nighantu Adarsh-Vriddhadarukadi varga

Other Names :

English Name :           Elephant creeper

Hindi Name     :           Samandarkapat

Kannada          :           Samudraballi, Chandrapada

Malayalam      :           Samudrapachcha

Marathi           :           Samandrashokh

Tamil                :             Ambagar

Telagu              :           Samudrapela

Bengali             :           Bichtasrak Guguli

Sanskrit Name-

Trikonakanda-the stem of wine is triangular

Hasthi alli-The leaf is big like palm

Samudra patra-the leaf resembles the foam in sea waves when viewed from distance

Ajaantri,Mahashyama,Vallari,Dirgha,Samudra palaka,Avegi,Jongaka,Jirnavalaka

Antakotarapushpi-Flowers are hallow inside


General Information:

Habit- Large climber, Stem- Stout white and tomentose, Leaves- 7.5 to 30 cm. long, 6 to 25 wide, ovate, acute, glabrous above, white tomentose beneath. Cordate base. Petioles are 5 to 15 cm long. Inflorescence- Subcapitate cymes. Peduncles are 7 to 15 cm long. Flowers- Purple or rose coloured. Fruit- Globose and 2 cm in diameter.

Properties (Gunadharma)

Rasa- Katu, Tikta, Kasaya

Vipak- Madhura

Virya- Ushna

Guna-Laghu, Snigdha


Specific Parts :

Root, Leaf

Doshaghnata :


Shloka’s :

वृद्धदारू: कषायोष्ण: कटूस्तिक्तो रसायन: |

वृष्यो वातामवातार्श: शोथमेहकफप्रनुत |

शुक्रायुर्बलमेधामिग्नीस्वरकान्तीकर: सर: || भ.प्र.

वृद्धदारू: कटूस्तिक्त: काषायोष्णो रसायन :l

शुक्रायुर्बलमेध्याग्नी स्वरकान्तीकर :सर :l l

शोफामवातवातास्रवातमेहकफापह :l कै नि

वृद्धदारू:कटूस्तिक्तस्तथो ष्ण: कफवातजित् l

श्ववथू कृमिमेहास्त्रवातो दरहर :पर:l l ध नि



Benefits :

Being deepana, pachana and rechana it should be used in agnimandya, madosha, vibhandha and arsha. Also useful in hridroga being hridya and in kasa  and in kasa and svarabheda being kaphaghna and kanthya. In shukradaurbalya and anartavabeingshukraanana and garbhashayasankochaka. In prameha, kshaya and shosha being balya and rasayana.

  • Vatavyadhi (Diseases due to vata)

Vriddhadaru (Agreryiaspeciousa) powder with milk will be beneficial in vatavyadhi (Diseases originated due to vatadosa)

  • Rasayana(Rejuvenative)

Root powder of vriddhadaruka (Argyeriaspeciosa) is taken with honey and ghee for seven days. During this treatment the person should be on milk diet. It acts as best rasayana (Rejuvenative).

  • The leaves can be warned and then tied on the affected area for healing wounds, cuts and other swelling conditions.
  • This herb is quite effective in treating Gangrene.
  • The leaves of Vidhara can also be used for healing bed sores. For this, the leaves need to be ground and the juice should be extracted and then applied in the affected areas.
  • Internal bleeding caused due to any condition, colitis and ulcers of all forms can effectively be treated using Vidhara.
  • Dog bites can also be healed with the use of this herb.
  • Root of Vruddhadaru powder is used in the treatment of oligospermia in a dose of 3-5gm.
  • Root decoction of vruddhadaru is used to treat leucorrhea and fever.
  • The root powder is used with honey in the treatment of cough.Dose-2-gm
  • Root decoction of Vruddhadaru is used to treat nerve weakness and it also helps to improve the strength of cardiac muscles.
  • Leaf juice of Vruddhadaru is used to treat indigestion,lack of appetite and constipation.
  • Ghee prepared with using vruddhadaru root is taken with milk for aphrodisiac purpose.
  • Vruddhadaru extract is used in a dose of 10ml to treat the Diabetes.
  • It has potency to enhance the brain function.
  • It is cardio-tonic in nature hence it is used to avoid heart diseases.
  • As it posses the hepatoprotective properties hence it is used to treat the liver disoders.
  • It is considered to alleviate the low Blood pressure for its adequate Hypertensive effect.
  • Root of Vrudhhadaru is used to treat synovitis and syphilis.Powder of Vruddhadaru is mixed with raw milk.This paste is applied on skin to treat the diseases like synovitis.


Formulation (Kalp):



Dosage :

Choorna- 2 to 4 gm.

Research Corner :

A study done top evaluate analgesic  and anti-inflammatory activity methanolic extract  of argyreiaspeciosa root powder in mice and rats. In tail-flick method Argyreiaspeciosa produced significant  increases in latency as compared to control as well as to the standard-ibuprofen.  In writhing method, argyreiaspeciosa significantly decreased the number of writhes as compared to control. In paw oedema method Argyreiaspeciosa showed significant inhibition of paw oedema as compared to control and the activity was comparable to ibuprofen. Extract of Argyreiaspeciosa exhibits significant central and peribheral analgesic and anti-inflammatory activity.

Side effect-

The dried seeds of vruddhadaru are intoxicating and can cause hallucination and inebriated condition.Due to this reason the seeds are banned in some European countries.

It can cause elevation in blood pressure level  which can leads to the problems like insomnia and sweating.

It is avoiding during pregnancy and lactating mothers.

Avoid this drugs prior to 1-2 week of surgery or after surgery.

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