विडालको बहिर्लेपो नेत्रे पक्ष्म विवर्जित ://(सु उ १३/३० )
बहिरक्ष्णो: प्रलेपनम्/
पक्ष्मान्य स्पृशता कार्यम् / (च.चि २६/२३६ )
पक्ष्म परिहरेण अक्षि कोश लेपनम्/ (अ .सं सु २२/३ )

Vidalaka is the application of medicated paste to the outer surface of the eye lids.

Types of vidalaka according to thickness of the medicated paste,
If the lepa is,

1″ thick, it is utthama (the best)

1/3″ thick, madhyama (moderate)

1/4″ thick, heena (minimal)



Dhaha – Burning

Upadheha – Discharges

Asru – Excessive tears

Sopha – Swelling

Raga – Redness/Congestion

Todha/Bedha/Ruk – Different types of pain

Kandu – Scratching

Kharsha – Foreign body sensation


The things to avoid during this therapy-

> Excessive speaking, jokes, anger, grief, weeping etc.

> Wandering under the sun

> Day sleep

Otherwise they may produce itching/dryness of the skin, peenasa and disturb vision.

Vidalaka yoga
Application of the medicated paste to the eyelids with following medicines.

1. Yashtimadhu, gairika, saindhava lavana, daru haridra, rasanjana + water in all types of abhishyanda.

2. Neel kamal, mustha, daru haridra, kaleeyaka, yashtimadhu, lodra, padmaka, sathadhoutha gritha in raktaja abhishyanda.

3. Rasanjana in kaphaja abhishyanda.

4. Kumari + chitraka patra in kaphaja abhishyanda

5. Hareetaki + sunti + tejapatra in kaphaja abhishyanda.

6. Dadima patra in pittaja abhishyanda.

7. Vacha + haridra + nimba patra used in kaphaja abhishyanda

8. Sunti + gairika in kaphaja abhishyanda

9. Lodra get fried in ghee and used in vataja abhishyanda.

10. Chandana + sariva + manjishta + padmaka + yashtimadhu + jatamamsi + takara + lodra + jathipushpa + gairika used in pittaja abhishyanda.

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