Vatada Plant

वातादो वातवैरी स्यान्नेत्रोपमफलस्तथा l

वाताद: उष्ण : सुस्निग्धो वातघ्न: शुक्रकृद् गुरु :l

वातादमज्जा मधुरो वृष्य पितानीलापह: |

स्निग्धोष्ण: कफकृन्नेष्टो रक्त पित्तविकारिणाम || भ. प्र.

Botanical Name:Prunusamygdalusbaillonhist


According To Modern

Kingdom –Plantae

Order – Rosales

Family     – Rosaceae

According To Ayurveda

Charak-    Not included in varga

Sushruta-   phalavarga

Bhavprakash- amradivarga

Other Names :

English : Almond tree

Hindi :Badam

Kannada: Badami

Malayalam :Badam

Marathi :Badam

Sanskrit Name-

Vata vairi-pacifies the vata dosha

Netropa phala-beneficial for eyes

vatama-reduces the vitiated vata dosha


General Information :

Habit- middle sized tree. Leaves- Greyish coloured when fully grown, oblong-lanceolate, serrulate. Flowers- white, tinged with red, appearing before the leaves from scaly buds on last years wood. Fruits- drupe, velvety, pericarp is dry, on ripening separating ito 2 valves. Seed is compressed with shal-low wrinkles and minute holes.

Properties (Gunadharma)

Rasa- Madhura

Vipak- Madhura

Virya- Ushna

Guna-Snigdha, guru

Specific Parts :

Seed kernel, oil.

Doshaghnata :

Oil- Vatashamak,

Seed- Kernel- Aggravates pitta.

Shloka’s :

वातादो वातवैरी स्यान्नेत्रोपमफलस्तथा l

वाताद: उष्ण : सुस्निग्धो वातघ्न: शुक्रकृद् गुरु :l

वातादमज्जा मधुरो वृष्य पितानीलापह: |

स्निग्धोष्ण: कफकृन्नेष्टो रक्त पित्तविकारिणाम || भ. प्र.


Benefits :


It is used for aphrodisiac purpose  means ,improves the vigor(vrushya).

It is used in the treatment of Vata rogas like neuralgia,paralysis,constipation,bloating etc

It improves the sperm and semen quality and quantity.

It is also used in bleeding disoders such as nasal bleeding,heavy menses.

Badam powder is taken with milk boost up the memory.It also improves the nerve functioning.

The lehya prepared from Vatad is given in the patients with back pain,migraine and women suffering from irregular menses.Dose-5-8gm ith milk

Crushed badam is used with egg yolk,gingelly powder ,honey and milk is given in girl with delayed onset of puberty for daily.This helps in overall development of body.

Badam kheer cools the body and mind.It helps to releive the brain exhaustion.

Badam Halwa is given to increase the memory and intelleact.

Weight Reduction-

Daily eating of 4-6  soaked badam  helps in weight reduction.Because badam are rich in fibres which keeps the stomach full .

Good for Heart Health-

Badam helps to reduce triglycerides,LDL and bad cholesterol.In same hand it give rise to HDL level in body.

Badam contains protein,magnessium,potassium in itself which is good for cardio vascular system.

Healthy During Pregnancy-

Being rich in all nutrients it provide nourishment not only mother but also the developing fetus.

Healthy for Skin-

Badam contains many antioxidents and Vitamin E itself,which provide glow to the skin and helps to reduce the signs of ageing.

Healthy for Brain

Soaked badam is used as Mind developer. A study showed that daily eating of soaked badam boost up the CNS system and serve as brain tonic.

Good for the Bones and Teeth

Almonds are rich in calcium and phosphorus and it is essential for bone and teeth health.Badam strengthen the bones and muscles hence it is given in osteoporesis and osteomalacia.

Prevent Cancer-

Badam are rich in fibres which helps in body detoxification.The national cancer institutehas released a study that the food with high fiber lower the risk of colon cancer.Badam also contains Vitamin E,Phytochemicals and flavonoids which controls the progression of breast cancer cells.


Studies showed that badam have ability to decrease the after meal escalation in blood sugar .This helps in stabilizing the blood sugarlevels and offer protection  from diabetes.


Badam contain copper,iron and vitamines which act as a catalyst in synthesizing of haemoglobin.Hence it is given inAnemia

Formulation (Kalp):


Jivaniyadi Ghrita

Amritaprasha Ghrita

Mahamayura Ghrita

Dosage :

4 to 10 seeds.

Oil-1 to 15 ml.


Research Corner :

A Study done to compare the in vitro fermentation properties and in vivo prebiotic effect of raw and roasted almonds. In vitro, predigested raw and roasted almonds promoted the growth of Lactobacillius acidophilus (La-14) and Bifidobacteriumbreve(JCM 1192), and no significant differences were found between these two nuts. In a 4-week animal trial, daily intake of raw or roasted almonds promoted the population of Bifidobacterium spp. And lactobacillus spp. And inhibited the growth of Enterococcus spp., in faeces and caecal contains of  rats. Compared with roasted almonds, raw almonds had a greater bifidobacteria promotion effects.

Side Effects-

If badam is used in excess quantity then it may cause constipation,nausea and vomiting

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