Vasant (Spring) -:
This season lasts from lasts from mid-March to mid-May.Vasant ritu comes in “Uttarayana” period means “Adana Kala”.The time in which natures renewation occur.Nature is full with new leaves and flowers.Nice green grass starts coming out of soil.Birds are singing everywhere as there is little warmness in weather.Sun rays become sharper than winter season.The kashaya rasa (astringent),Prithvi and Vayu mahabhutas are predominant during this period.Body strength is medium.The accumulated kapha is starts to melting due to increase in hotness of weather.Drying effects increasingalong with heat.The vitiation of kapha leads to reduction in digestive fire which results in formation of many diseases.

The common signs & symptoms are:
Cough, Cold, sneezing
Rhinitis, bronchitis, Sinusitis
Indigestion, Feeling of heaviness,
Nausea, excess salivation

Person with prakut doshas feels fresh and full with energy during this time . The mind becomes active and starts enjoying blossoms and cool breezes. We gain energy, enthusiasm and relaxing experience during this period of time.


Diet :
Aggrevated Kapha is responsible for the low digestive power.hence the digestive system become disturbed and person experience various digestive problems
So it is better to avoid heavy, oily, sour & sweet food during this period.Avoid cold drinks and beverges.

Eat light foods which are easy to digest.

Cereals like old barley,wheat and rice are advisiable.

Mudga and lentil variety of pulses are good to take during this period.

Time to eat: Kapha is predominant during day time 6am to 10 am so avoid excess eating during that period stick with a light breakfast. Avoid eating sweet, cold foods during that period. Make your lunch be the biggest meal of the day. Having lunch in pitta time will aid in digestion.

bitter vegetables like karela,Padval are advisiable.

Spices such as coriander, cumin, turmeric, and fennel helpful stimulate the digestive fire and ulters the digestive system hence use of that spices are advisiable.It helps in pacification of kapha dosha.

Asava (fermented infusion), Arista (fermented decoction), sidhu (fermented sugarcane juice) is advisiable.

Fresh ginger tea: Drink warm fresh ginger tea with honey
New grains,curd and ghee are not recommended during this phase.

Honey should be added to diet
Amla and madhura rasa are avoided.

Dry meats such as shahsa (rabbit) is advisiable


Vigorous exercises are advisiable , this will help in clearance of vitiated kapha.

Stop smoking . smoking causes indigestion that again results in kapha aggravation.

Avoid day sleeping.
Dry massage (Udhwartana) is very helpful as it produces dry heat by friction it helps in pacifying kapha

Warm water bath is advisiable.

Application of cooling herbs like sandal wood,agaru is advisiable.


Vamana and Nasya can done during this season.

Accumulated kaphas in the body can be expelled out by vamana. Vamana is also called as emesis therapy.

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