Varsha Ritu

Varsha ritu comes under The Visarga kaal.Mid-July to Mid-September period is of Varsha ritu period. – The sky is cloudy during this period. Rains happen without thunderstorms.Air is damp and chilled.Western wind blows.Rainbow appears in sky.Lands with full of greenery .Trees are full with new leaves and flowers..Rivers and lakes are filled with water.Lotus flower are bloom in this period.Peacock and Indragop (insect)appears in this season.Land is muddy and wet.Amla rasa is predominant in this period.There is predominance of Prithi and Agni Mahabhuta.The strength of person become weak.Vitiation of vata dosha and deposition of pitta dosha is seen during this period.Agni (digestive fire) get disturbed due to vitiation of Vata dosha. Chances of infectious diseases is higher during this period.

Diet Routine: Foods having Amla (tarty) and Lavana (salty) taste should be recommended.

Food with sneha(unctuous) quality should be recommended.
Among grains, old barley, rice, wheat should be suggested.
Yusha (soup)should be incorporated into the daily diet.
Always take medicated water or boiled water.

meat juice processed with spices or, soup of pulses is advisiable.
Old rice ,kanak (triticum vulgare)and yava(hordeum vulgare)should be consumed with krityush (processed in oils and ghee)
Advice to take wine prepared from grapes and fermented decoctions, which are old or mastu (whey, thin water or curds) processed with more of Sochal salt and powder of panchakola.

Having a lot of water, excessive fluid and wine should not be taken.
The foods, which are substantial and difficult to process, similar to meat, are prohibited.

• Use herbs and spices like ginger, pepper, etc which aids in digestion / improve digestion are recommonded.

• Always eat hot foods

• Avoid the intake of leafy vegetables, which cannot be digested easily.

• Avoid heavy and oily foods as digestive fire is sluggish.

• Avoid water from well and river.

• Consume all types of wheat mixed with the honey.As honey provide protection against from the vitiated vata doshas.

Lifestyle recommendations:
• A Panchakarma will be helpful to improve the internal organs

• Avoid more exposure to sun


Lifestyle: Bathing with boiled water is recommended.Massage with vatashamaak oil is advisible in this season.

Medicated Basti (enema) is prescribed as an evacuative measure to expel vitiated Doshas.

Avoid more exposure to sun.

Day time sleeping should be avoided
Sexual indulgence ,hard wok,staying at river bank should be avoided.
Pragharshanam,udhavartanam,snanam,dhoompan should be done regularly.

. Person should not move without footwears.
should use perfumes, expose clothes to fragrant fumes, Application of Agaru on body should be recommended.
dwell in upper stories of the house,
devoid of heat, cold and snow
Avoid exposure to sun.
Protect yourelf from getting wet in rainy season
Protect the body from insects bite like mosquitoes and drumstick insects.


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