Uro Pichu

Uras’ is the term that refers to the chest region. In this procedure medicated oil is retained in the chest region for a particular period of time. The completely sealed wall boundary is made with the paste of black gram powder or wheat powder in the uro (chest) region. The medicated oil is heated till it becomes lukewarm. This lukewarm medicated oil is then poured in to the space inside the walled boundary in a constant and continuous stream. It is retained there for a particular period of time. The medicated oil is soaked up, heated to become lukewarm and poured back again by adding fresh oil in it. This repeated during the whole procedure. This treatment helps in maintaining strong muscles and connective tissues. It helps in preventing muscular chest pain. It is effective in certain inflammatory condition and muscular spasms related to the chest region. The duration of the treatment varies from 30 to 40 minutes depending up on the condition of the individual. Dhanwantaram tailam, sahacharadi tailam, bala tailam ect are some of the medicated oils used for uro pichu.

1) Uro pichu is a warming procedure of the chest area and the heart. This type of warming is used in the treatment of respiratory disease (disease of bronchii and lungs ), weakness of the cardiac muscles (myocardial dystropy).
2) Uro pichu improves the circulation and breathing functions.
3) Kundalini Yoga: It energizes the Anahata Chakra seated in the heart and thus gives positive influence on the heart and mind energizing the whole body.
4) Relieves stress and anxiety.

Coronary heart diseases
Ischemic heart diseases
Asthma and other respiratory disorders

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