Supression of the urges

Pathya-apathya in Udavarta

Pathyakarahar –vihar (DOS)

  • Intake of Vataharahari.emadhu,amla and lavanrasatmakaahar.
  • Light diet should be advisiable
  • Shunthi siddha Jala or ShrutshitJala is recommended.
  • Spices like ginger,hingu,blackpeppar,ajwain also recommended.
  • Eatables likecastor oil, Harada (TermilachebulaRetz.),leavesofSnuhi(Euphorbia nerifolia Linn.),Aragavadha(Cassia fistula Linn.),Nishotha(Operculinaturpethum(L.) Salve Manse), cow urine and grapes are laxative in action
  • Raw salt and Black salt are advisiable
  • meat soups of land animals and birds are advisiable.
  • Regular exersice.
  • 30 min walk after food intake
  • Vaamkushi shayan


  • Heavy foods are avoided.
  • Sami variety of Rice ,Kodrava(Paspalumscrobiculatum), saluki (roots of kumuda), Karkati(snake cucumber),Pinyaka(by-product of sesame), should be avoided.
  • Potato, sprouts of bamboo fruits,products like Pisthi (Kalka of sesame having no oil content) etc are avoided.
  • Kashayrasatmakaahar likeJambu(Eugenia jambolanaLam.)are not advisable
  • Do not suppress natural urges like sleep,defecation,urine and thirst.
  • Avoid Day sleeping

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