Swarnaksheeri Plant

हेमाह्रा रेचनी तिक्ता भदेन्युत्क्लेशकारिनी│

कृमीकंडूविषानाहकफपित्तास्त्रकुष्ठनुत││भ. प्र.

Botanical Name:Argemone Mexicana. Linn


According To Modern

Kingdom –Plantae

Order –Ranales

Family   – Papaveraceae


According To Ayurveda

Charak-  Bhedaniyavarga

Sushruta-   syamadiGana

Bhavprakash- HaritakyadiVarga

Dhanvantari Nighantu-Guduchyadi varga

Raja Nighantu-Parpatadi varga

Kaideva Nighantu-Oushadhi varga

Other Names :

English name- Mexican poppy, Mexican prickly poppy, flowering thistle, cardo or cardosanto
Hindi name- Satayanasi, Bhadaband, Kataila
Gujarati name- Phirangidhattur, Dharudi, Darudi
Telugu name- PicchiKusuma, Itturi
Malayalam name- Ponnnummmattam, Ponnummattam
Tamil name- Kudiyotti
Kannada name- Datturi
Bengali name – ShiyalKanta, Shiyalkanta
Marati name – KantaiDhautra, KantedhotraDaruri

Konkani name – Redonoxi
Oriya name – Kantakusham
Punjabi name – Bhatkatheya
Urdu name – Baramdaandi
French name – Argemone
German name – Doppelklappen
Persian name – Baramdaandi
Punjabi name – Bhatkatheya
Urdu name – Baramdaandi
Santhali name – Gokuhla-janum

Sanskrit Names-

Katuparni-leaves are astrigent in taste

Swarnaksheeri,Kanchana ksheeri,Hemadugdha,Kanaka ksiri,Hemahva,Svarnahva,Svarnadugdha,Kanchani-has golden yellow coloured atex


Karshani-useful n weight loss

Tiktadugdha-latex is bitter in taste

Kanchani-golden yellow coloured flower

The root is called as choka

General Information :

habit – Robust prickly herb. Stem – Erect, almost woody below, cylindrical, sparingly branched, solid, greenish, spiny and having yellow latex. Leaves – Alternate, sessile, deeply cut with spiny teeth, white spotted, prickly, prickles scattered all over the ribs on the back, and reticulate venation. Inflorescence – Solitary, terminal. Flowers – Yellow in colour, has six petals. Fruits – A spiny capsule.

Properties (Gunadharma)

Rasa- Tikta

Vipak- Katu

Virya- Sheeta

Guna-Laghu, Ruksha


Specific Parts :

Root, Seed, Milky Juice, Taila.

Doshaghnata :


Shloka’s :

हेमाह्रा रेचनी तिक्ता भदेन्युत्क्लेशकारिनी│

कृमीकंडूविषानाहकफपित्तास्त्रकुष्ठनुत││भ. प्र.

स्वर्णक्षीरी हिमा तिक्ता कृमिपित्तकफापहा l

मूत्रकृच्छ्रlश्मरी शोफ दाह ज्वरहरा परा l l रा नि

स्वर्णक्षीरी सरा  तिक्तामादन्युक्लेदनी  जयेत  l

कंडू कृमि विषानाह कफपित्तास्त्र कामाला :l l कै नि

Benefits :

            Internal application :

The root and the seed oil is purgative in nature hence should be used in vibandha, anaha, udarashoola. It may cause nausea and vomiting.

The root being krimighna.  In tape worms (spheetakrimi) infestation dried powder of root given in a dose of 3-4gms

The root and the juice being raktashuddhikara and the juice being shothahara they should be used in raktadushtijanyavikaras, upadansha and shotha. Root or the juice should be used in kushtha and vishamajvara.

Masurika (Pox)

Dried powder of Swarnakshiri root with hot water is given in Masurika (Pox).

Twakroga-Dadru (Ring Worm)

Dadru (Ring worm) –Swarnakshiri juice is taken internally.

The root juice of Swarnaksheeri is used to treat worm infestation and dysmenorrhoea.Dose-20-30ml

Root paste of Swarnaksheeri with Jaggery is used to treat obstructive jaundice.Dose-3-4gms,twice a day.

The seed oil and root of swarnaksheeri is used in constipation,flatulence and adominal colic.

To treat Udara roga-Swarnaksheeri  with Narayana churna and Pippalimoola,shati and vacha churna is advisiable (Ref-Charaka Chikitsa Sthana 13/126)

Decoction prepared with Swarnaksheeri with Trivrutta,bhadradaru,shyma,ginger and gomutra(1ooml)is used in Pandu roga(Anemia)-(Ref-Charaka chi 16/66)

In Lutha visha,Kusumbha Puspa,cow’s teeth,swarnaksheeri,feces of pigeon,Danti,Trivrutta and rock salt is advisiable.

In external injury guggul,swarnaksheeri,linseed,godanti and feces of pigeon are made in to paste and applied externally.(ref-AH.U15/37)

To treat the Puyameha,Swarnksheeri with Trikatu churna is advisisable.

In case of Alarka visha,Swarnaksheeri and Bakuchi root are taken with jaggery.

Fresh juice of Swarnakshiri is used as blood purifier .Dose-3-4ml

External application:
External application of latex, leaf juice extract and seed oil is advisiable for rapid healing of wounds faster
Its juice extract, latex, seed oil  is applied externally on wounds and skin diseases
Root paste of swarnakshiri is anti-inflammatory. Hence external application of rootpaste is advisiablein  scorpion and insect bites.
Seed is analgesic – relieves pain.

Seed paste and seed oil is applied over joints to relieve arthritis pain.paste of Swarnaksheeri  is mixed with sesame oil .This lukewarm  paste should be applied over the painful conditions of joint.

The latex and  roots juice are administered in blood impurities.
The drug is used in Kushta (skin diseases)
Latex and  juice are used in VishamaJwara (recurrent fever) and burning sensation                         Externally the juice, latex, seeds oil and root are applied on swelling and poisening sting In LuthaVisha, KusumbhaPushpa, cow’s teeth, SwarnaKsheeri, feces of pigeon, DantiTrivrit and Rock salt are administered.
In external injury, Guggulu, Svarnakseeri, Linseed, Godanti and feces of pigeon are made into paste and applied externally

Formulation (Kalp):

Name                                      Indication

SwarnaksiryadiChoorna          Urustambha

Narayana Choorna                  Udararoga

Kasisadi Tailam-                       Piles

Mishraka sneha                       Abscess,abdominal distension


Powder – 1 to 3 gm.

Juice – 5 to 10 Drops,

Oil – 10 to 30 drops.

Svarasa – 5 to 10 ml.


Research Corner:

A study done to know effect of Argemone Mexicana on induced status epilepticus (SE) and oxidative stress in rats. SE was induced in male albino rats by administration of pilocarpine (30 mg/kg,ip) 24 hr.  after injection of lithum chloride (3 mEq/kg, ip).

Side Effects-

It is not given in pregnancy,lactation and in childrens

It can cuse over purgation and dehydration if use in excess quantity.

It is not given in peoples with colitis,diarrhoea,dysentry and IBS

Increased dose of latex results in increased intestinal movements resulting in diarrhoea.


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