Swarasa Kalpana

Swarasa means fresh juice extract of herbs.The extract can be obtained from fruit,leaf,floor,roots or any part of the body.

यन्त्र निष्पिडीतात् द्रव्यात् रस :स्वरस उच्यते // च सु ४/७

Any juice extracted from the part of plant using any mechanical force is called as swarasa.
According to Charakacharya,the juice of plant can be obtained by cutting or tapping the root of big tree .The liquid oozes from that part should be collected.

Panchavidha Kashaya Kalpana-
In Ayurveda five types of kalpanas are explained in text.
Kalka (paste)
Kwath (decoction)
Hima (cold infusion)
Phanta (hot infusion)
Accoding to Charaka,swarasa kalpana is most guru kalpana among the all.
Aacharya Sharangadhara explained the swarasa kalpana in details.He described 4 different types of methods for the swarasa preparation.

Vidhi No.1-

आहातात्तत्क्षणाकृष्टाद् द्रव्यात्क्षुनात समुद्धरेत् /
वस्त्र निष्पीडीतो यः स रसः स्वरस उच्यते // शा सं म खं १/२

Fresh part of plant should be collected ,then it is crushed by pestle and mortar or juicer.Then this extract is fitered by using clean cloths.
Ex-Juice of tulsi,adraka should be obtained by this method.
The day in which the dravya collected,same day swarasa has to be prepare.

Vidhi No-2-

कुडवं चुर्णीतं द्रव्यम् क्षिप्तं च द्विगुणे जले /
अहोरात्रं स्थितं तस्माभ्दवेद्वा रस उत्तमः // शा सं म खं १/३

In case of dry and soft herb the part should be crushed in to small pieces then soaked in dwigunit jala (twice the amount of water) for overnight.next day,the dravya is macerated and filtered by using cloth.
Ex extract of dhanyaka beeja should be obtained by this method

Vidhi no-3-

आदाय शुष्क द्रव्यं वा स्वरसानामसम्भवे/
जले अष्टगुणीते साध्यं पादशिष्टम च गृह्यते // शा सं म खं १/४

In case of dry and hard part of dravya,from which juice extraction is not possible,then part of dravya should be crushed and added astagunit jala (8 parts of water) and boiled this .It should be reduced to ¼ th of original quantity and then filter it by using cloth.
Ex-Extract of Ashoka bark should be obtained by this method.

Vidhi No 4-

This method is called as Putpaka method.This method is used for the preparation of large quantity of swarasIn this method the small pieces of herbs should be covered with palash or vata leaves and tie with threads ,wrapped with mud layer,then allow to dry it in sunlight.Then subjected to mild fire till the ball becomes red hot.This ball is allow to cool and the juice can be obtained by pressing the bolus after breaking the ball.
Ex-Vasa patra swaras can be obtained by this Putpaka method.

Prakshepa Dravya-
Honey,white jiggery,kshara,cumin seed powder,black salt,ghee,oil or herbal powder can be added in swarasa in a dose of 1 kola or 6 grams.

Preparation no (vidhi ) 1 & 2- 24 ml of juice as it is guru for digestion.
Preparation no (vidhi) 3 & 4-48 ml of juice as it is lighter than Vidhi no 1&2 due to action of fire.

Benefits of Swaras Kalpana-
Used as Medicinal treatment-
Ex-Tulsi patra swaras should be used in cold and cough
Used as bhavana dravya-
Ex –dadima juice can be used in chitrakadi vati formation
Used as anupaan-
Adraka juice is used as a anupan with tribhuvankirti rasa.

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