Sushrutokta Gan2

Shyamadi Gana-
This gana incudes herbs Shyama, Maha-Shyama, Trivrit, Danti, Shan-khini, Tilvaka, Kampillaka, Ramyaka, Kramuka, Putrashroni, Gavakshi, Rajavriksha, the two kinds of Karanja, Guduchi, Saptala, Chhagalantri, Sudha and Suvarnakhiri

The medicines in this gana acts as an anti-toxic. It proves beneficial in Anaha (epistasis), abdominal dropsy and diarrhoea and is one of the most reliable purgatives in cases of obstinate constipation of the bowels with suppression of urineand distention of the abdomen (Udavarta).

Vrihatyadi Gana-
This gana includes Vrihati, Kantakarika, Kutajaphala, Patha and Madhuka combinedly form the group known as the Vrihatyadi Gana.

The medicines in this gana are good digester or assimilator of the deranged humours. It subdues the deranged Vata, Pitta and Kapham and proves efficacious in cases of nausea, water-brash, dysuria and non- relish for food.

Patoladi Gana
This gana includes Patola, Chandana, Kuchandana, Murva, Guduchi, Patha, and Katurohini
The medicines in this gana are anti-toxic and Jwarhara, and its therapeutic action consists in destroying the action of the deranged Pittam and Kapham. It restores the natural relish of the patient for food, removes vomiting, and proves beneficial in ulcers, and itching erythematous eruptions.

Kakolyadi Gana-
This gana includes herbs like-Kakoli-Kshira-Kakoli, Jivaka, Rishabhaka, Mudga-parni, Mashaparni, Meda, Mahameda, Chhinna-ruha, Karkata-Shringi, Tugakshiri, Padmaka, Prapaundarika, Riddhi, Vriddhi, Mridvika, Jivanti and Madhuka.

The herbs in this gana subdues the action of the deranged Pittam, blood and Vayu. It increases the secreation of milk in the breast (galactagogue) and favours the accumulation of phlegm (Kapham) in the body. It is a restorative and an elixir and is endued with the therapeutic virtue of augmenting the virile potency of a man.

Ushakadi Gana-
This gana includes medicines like- Ushaka (alkaline earth) Saindhava salt, Shilajatu, the two kinds of Kasisa, Hingu and Tutthaka
The medicines in this gana helps to destroy kapham (mucous), absorbs the fat of the body and proves curative in cases of stone or gravel in the bladder (urinary calculi), dysuria and abdominal glands (Gulma).

Sarivardi Gana-
This gana inludes -Sariva, Madhuka, Chandana, Kuchandana, Padmaka, Kashmari phala, Madhuka-pushpa and Ushira.

The medicines in this gana helps to subpress the thirst and proves curative in a case of haemoptysis, Its therapeutic virtue consists in curbing an attack of bilious (Pittaja) fever and in specifically alleviating the burning sensation (Daha) of the body.

Anjanadi Gana-
This gana consists of Anjana, Rasanjana, Nagapushpa, Priyangu, Nilotpala, Nalada, Nalina, Keshara and Madhuka.

The medicines in this gana prevent s the body from attack of haemoptysis.It is anti-toxic in its character and allays the internal burning sensation of the body.

Parushakadi Gana-
This gana includes -Parushaka, Drdksha, Kat-phala, Dadima, Rajadana, Kataka-phala Shaka-phala and Triphala.

The medicines in this gana subdues the deranged Vayu, allays thirst, acts as a cordial, increases one’s relish for food and cures the diseased or abnormal components of urine or its defects.

Priyangvadi Gana-
This gana includes -Priyangu, Samanga, Dhataki, Naga-pushpa, Chandana, Kuchandana, Mocharasa, Rasanjana, Kumbhika, Srotohnjana, Padma-keshara, Jojanvalli, and Dirghamula.

Amvashthadi Gana-
This gana includes-Amvashtha, Dhataki flowers, Samanga, Katvanga, Madhuka, Vilva-peshika, Rodhra, Savara-Rodhra, Palasha, Nandi-Vriksha and Padma keshara, enter into the composition of the group known as the Amvashthadi Gana.

The drugs in this group are shows good results in deranged Pitta, favour the healing of ulcers, bring about the adhesion of fractured bones and prove curative in cases of dysentery where the stools are found to consist of lumps of thick and matured mucous (Pakvatisara.)

Nyagrodhadi Gana-
This gana includes- Nyagrodha, Audumvara, Ashvattha, Plaksha, Madhuka, Kapitana, Kakubha, Amra, Koshamra, Chorakapatra, the two sorts of Jamvu, Piyala, Madhuka (Maula), Rohini, Vanjula, Kadamva, Vadari, Tinduki, Sallaki, Rodhra, Savara-Rodhra, Bhallataka, Palasha, and Nandi-Vriksha,
The medicines in this gana helps to cure the ulcer, cures all disorders of the uterus and vagina, favours the adhesion of fractured bones and all sorts of secretions of the body in addition to its astringent properties (Sangrahi) and proves curative in a case of haemoptysis. It is an anti-fat and assuages the burning sensation of the body.

Guduchyadi Gana-
This gana includes- Guduchi, Nimva; Kustumvuru, Chandana, and Padmaka, combinedly form the group known as the Guduchyadi Gana.

The medicines in this gana are good appetiser, and acts as a general febrifuge and successfully combats such symptoms as nausea, want of relish for food, vomiting, thirst and burning sensation of the body.


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