Sroto dushti

Strotas has great importance in manifestation of disease.If strotas are in healthy condition,he formation of dosa,dhatu and mala are good, but when these strotas are vitiated the its leads the vitiation dosha,dhatu and mala which ultimately results in disease formation.

Strotas is the transportation channels in the body,the dosha,dhatus and malas are transported through the body.The dhatus transported through srotas are constantly subjected to metabolism.Development,degeneration and growth of body part does not possible without help of strotas.

Dosha-dushya murchhana leads to stotovaigunya,which results in manifestation of disease in body.

Strotodushti Lakshana-
Apathyakar ahar and vihara is responsible for vition of dosha and dhatu.This ultimately leads to stroto-dushti.
Ex-Diwaswapa leads to medodhatu dushti due to similar properties o medadhatu
Ratrijagaran leads to vataprakopa and kaphakshaya
Atichinta leads to rasakshaya
Guru snigdha ahara intake leads to rasadhatu vriddhi.

Dhatwantara Dushti-
Due to apathyakar ahar –vihar,the strotas carring the dhatus and malas get vitiated.Vitiation of doshas not only leads to structural damage but leads to channels damage because of its nature.The doshaswabhava is dooshana(Leads t6o vitiation).

For any disease manifestation,more than one stotas may be involved.
Ex-In shwaas vyadhi,due to Rasavahastrotodushti the malaroopikapha vitiates Pranavaha strotas causing obstruction.

Types of manifestation of srotodushti-
There are four types of stroto dushti explained in ayurvedic text-

Atipravritti (increased activity)-It is defined as atishayenapravattihi.Increased activity of one or more dosha,dhatu,strotas,malas.
Ex-Bahumutrata in prameha
Atidravamalapravrutti in atisaar

Sanga-(Obstruction)It is also called strotorodha.It is also defined as apravrutti which means obstruction.
Ex –swedaavarodha in jwara
Vaata sanga seen in gulma
Purisha sanga in vibandha

Vimaragagamana-(opposite direction)It is defined as unmargagamana which lmeans leaving its own path and entering in to other path.All elements like doshas,dhatus,malas,lasika,ambu,vasa can attain vimargagamana in different vyadhis.
Ex-Entering of mala in to mutramarga in bhagandara
In Udarvarta,movement of apanavata upwards
In chardi,movement of food upwards

Siragranthi-(aneurysm) It is defined as Kutilabhaavatwam which means thickening,new growth or tumor.
Ex-varicose veins
Aneurysm of an artery
Enlargements found in bronchioles due to bronchiectasis

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