Spondylitis Treatment in Nagpur

Spondylitis Treatment in Nagpur

Spondylitis Treatment in Nagpur Of the many different types of orthopedic conditions that plague the people of countries around the world, spondylitis is a commonly known one. It is a degenerative condition that affects the neck and proliferates down the lower spine. However, like most orthopedic diseases, pain is its primary symptom. However, spondylitis has a couple of other predominant symptoms that only worsens the intensity of pain. They are nausea, dizziness and weakness in the shoulders, lower back and upper limbs.

Normally, Spondylitis affects men and women over the age of 40. However, it is also known to find victims in young children burdened by heavily loaded school bags.


Spondylitis Treatment in Nagpur – How Can Ayurveda Help?

Ayurveda is a tried and tested method of treatment of this condition. It manages the pain, reduces the inflammation and revitalizes the disc spaces between the vertebral segments. Panchakarma is a highly effectivespondylitis treatment in Nagpur. Clinics like Parijatakcarry it out in processes like Swedana, GreevaBasti and Patra Pottali.

Each of these therapies is known to improve lubrication in the joints, reduce inflammations and promote flexibility. Patients on the verge of immobilization from joint stiffness caused by Arthritis have come back to full health through regular spondylitis treatment in Nagpur.

Should you admit to one of these clinics, you will be prescribed any one of these therapies or a combination of all. The procedures are known to reverse fatigue and weakness. Pain lessens in the first week and tenderness diminishes through regular administration. Even balance has been restored through these treatments in acute arthritis conditions. Other symptoms that have been affectively undone through Ayurvedic treatments are finger numbness, inter-vertebral muscular inflammation, stiffness in the neck, vertigo and muscle spasm.

Prijatak is one very highly reviewed spondylitis treatment center in Nagpur. The clinic has so far helped and healed hundreds of patients suffering from extreme cases of Spondylitis.

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