Snuhi Ayurvedic

Botanical Name-Euphorbia nerifolia
Hindi Name-Thuhar,Sehunda
English name-Common milk hedge

Part used-Root,steam,leaf,latex

Purification-Immli patra swaras
Chemical composition-Euphol,euphorbol
Therapeutic Dose-
Root bark-0.5-1gm

Specific precautions-latex is toxic
Adverse Effects-
Externally-show corrosive action on soft tissues
Internally-cause diarrhea ,vomiting

Application of ghee or paste of tamarind leaves on the affected part.

Snuhikshir Ghrit-Used in udar roga
Jalodaradi Rasa-Used in Jalodara
Snuhyai varti-Used in Bhagandara
Abhaya Lavan-used in Pleeha ,gulma and udar roga
Chitrakadi Tail-Kesha dadru
Vajraka kshara-Used in Agnimandya,Ajeerna,Shula

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