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Bahya Snehana Therapy Includes  Snehana

As the anatomical structure of different parts of the body is different, oil may have to be applied differently according to its structure. Secondly depending upon the degree of snehana effect desired in individuals patient, one may have to adopt different forms of oil application in order to get maximum effect. Following is the list of different forms of external application of oil to different parts of the body.

Murdhataila:-  Method of applying the oil to the head.Nasatarpana:-  Dropping oil into the nostrils.

Karnapurana:-  Dropping oil into the ears.

Akshitarpana    :-  Procedure of treating the eye with

                                  Medicated ghee.

Gandusa:-  Holding oil or other liquid medicines in the


Kavala:-  Gargling using medicines in liquid form.

Abhyanga:-  Method of massaging the body following

application of oil.

Lepa:-  Treating the diseases part by applying

                                  Herbal paste or medicated oil.

Mardana:-  Massaging with squeezing effect on the

Muscle after applying the oil.

Padaghata:-  Applying the oil to the body and then

                                   Massaging heavily using feet.

Snehavagahana:-  Using oil in the form of tub bath instead of



Udavartana     :-  Massaging in proximal direction following

                               Application of oil.

Parisheka         :-  A procedure in which stream of oil is made

toFall continuously on the skin.




Among the different methods of bahya snehana listed above, certain procedures like abhyanga, mardana, avagahaetc may be used to treat the whole body. Contrary to this as the name itself suggests, procedures like akshitarpana, karnapurana, nasatarpanaetc are useful to treat certain limited portions of the body. It is worth mentioning here that, nasal administration of the medicine is well known as an internal route, and the procedure is named as nasya karma. Nasya karma eliminates the morbid dosha from the head when administered. Dropping the oil into the nostril with the purpose of getting the local effect Is called as nasatarpana and is considered here as an external method of treatment with oil.


The oil is applied to the skin in different procedures of bahya snehana, wherein the oil gets absorbed and distributed to the whole body to show systemic or generalized effect. The absorption, as well as distribution of the oil with the herbal ingredients impregnated in it, takes specific duration and the same is detailed in the following lines.

:-  The oil applied enters into the root of the romakupa (hair follicles) in about 96 second (300matra).

:-  In about 128 seconds (400 matra) oil reaches the full thickness of the tvak (dermis).

:-  Oil reaches the raktadhatu (blood) in about 160 seconds (500 matra).

:-  By 192 seconds (600 matra) after the application of the oil it reaches the mamsadhatu (muscle).

:-With in 224 seconds (700matra) of application of oil to the skin it reaches the medodhatu (adipose tissue).

:-  Oil takes about 256 seconds (800 matra) to reach the asthidhatu (bone.)

:-  After the application of the oil to the skin, it reaches the majjadhatu (bone marrow) in about 288 second (900 matra).

Thus the oil applied to the skin enters the deepest structure of the body in about 288 seconds or approximately 5 minute. In the following pages different forms of snehana procedures are discussed at full length.

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