Snehana Chikitsa

Administration of fat in person by externally or internally is called as Snehan Karma.Ghee,oil,animal fat or bone marrow can be used for snehan.It is called as preparation step of panchkarma as it is done before performing the any type of panchkarma.Snehan karma helps in mobilization of dosha from the disease place to the koshta,from where it can be expelled out by panchkarma like vaman,virechana and basti.

Defenation of Snehan-

स्नेहनं स्नेह विष्यन्द मार्दवं क्लेद कारकम् / च सु २२-११

The karma which increases the unctuousness,liquefaction,smoothness and moistness in body is called as snehan karma.

Types of sneha Dravya-

According to their source (yoni bheda),sneha dravya is classified in to two


Sthavar sneha-It includes the sneha which is obtained from plant sources like Til tail

Jangham sneha-It includes the sneha which is obtained from animal sources like cow’s ghee,bone marrow etc.

Gunas of Sneha Dravya (Qualities)-

द्रवं सूक्ष्म सरं स्निग्धम पिच्छीलं गुरु शीतलं /
प्रायो मंदं मृदू च यत् द्रव्यं स्नेहनमुच्यते //च सु २२-१५

The substance used for snehana have the gunas like drava (liquidity),sukshma (minutness),sara(flowness),snigdha

(unctuousness),pichchila(sticky),guru(heavy),sheetala(cold),manda(slow)and mrudu (smooth) itself.

Dravya used for snehan-

सर्पिमज्जा वसा तैलं स्नेहेषु प्रवरं मतं …..
पित्तघ्नास्ते यथा पूर्वमीतरघ्नास्ते यथोत्तरम् / अ ह्र सु १६ -२,३

Sarpi(ghee),oil (til tail)vasa (animal fat) and majja (bone marrow)is used for snehan karma.

Qualities of Sarpi(Ghee)-

घृतं पित्तानीलहरं रसशुक्रौजसां हितं /निर्वापनं मृदूकरं स्वर वर्ण प्रसादनं // च सु १३,१४,१५

Ghee balances the Pitta and Vata dosha.It increases Rasa,Sukra and Oja dhatu. It produces cooling and softening effect on body.It is responsible for good voice quality and complexion.

Indications for ghruta administration-

Person with Vata-Pitta prakruti
Person suffering from Vata-Pitta disoders
Person who wants to get good eyesight
Patient with chest injury
It is given in childrens,old and weak person also
Who wants to get longevity,strength,good complexion,voice,nourishment,progeny,tenderness,luster,oja,memory,intelligence,good digestive power,wisdom,proper functioning of sense organ
Person who was injured with burns,weapons,poisons and fire.


Gunas of Taila (qualities)-

मारुतघ्नं न च श्लेष्मवर्धनं बलवर्धनं/
त्वच्यमुष्नं स्थिरकरं तैलं योनीविशोधनम्// च सु १३/१५

It is Vatashamaka in nature but same time it does not causes the kaphaprakopa.It promotes the body strength.It is responsible for smooth skin.It provide stability to body.It is useful in disoders of female reproductive system.

Indications of Taila administration-
Taila can be given in winter season in the person with excess kapha
Person with excess fat in throat and abdomen
In vatapradhana disorders
In tumour,sinus ulcer,worm infestation,obesity
Person who wants good strength,lightness,slimness,sturdiness,steadiness,tenderness and smoothness of skin
Person with Krura Koshta
Person afflicted with wound sinuses

Qualities of Vasa-

विद्धभग्नाहतभ्रष्टयोनी कर्णशिरोरुजी /
पौरुषोपचये स्नेहे व्यायामे चेष्यते वसा // च सु १३ /१६
Vasa is given in the person with fracture,injury ,truma
Female with uterine prolapse
It enhances the virility of person.
It is used in the person who do regular exercise.

Indication of Vasa
Person who can stand the wind and sun
Those who have rough skin
Person who is weak due to heavy exertion or bearing of heavy loads
Person with depleted semen and blood
Person with kapha-medakshaya
Person having excruciating pain,in bone joints,veins,ligaments,vital organs,abdominal viscera
Person whose channels of circulation are affected by vata dosha.
Person with very good digestive strength

Qualities of Majja-

बलशुक्ररसश्लेष्ममेदोमज्जविवर्धन :/
मज्जा विशेषतोअस्थ्नाम च बलकृत् स्नेहने हित:// च सु १३/१७

The marrow enhances,strength,shukra,rasadhatu,kapha dosha,medodhatu and Majja.It improves strength,specially of bones .


Indications of Majja sneha-
Person with strong digestive power
Person who do very hard work
Person with vata disoders
Person with krura koshta.

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