Snehan Yogya

Snehan Yogya-The person in which oleation is recommanded

स्वेद्दया : शोधयितव्याश्र रूक्षा वातविकारिण: /
व्यायाममद्दय स्त्रीनित्या: स्नेहास्युर्येच चिंतका ll च सु १३/५२
स्वेद्दयसंशोध्य मद्दयस्त्री व्यायामाह्व चिंतका: l वृध्दा बालाबला रूक्षा कृशाक्षिणास्त्ररेतस: l वातार्तस्यंद तिमिर दारुण प्रतिबोधिन: ll अ ह्र सु १६/५६

Snehan is given in those person those who are objected for Panchakarma therapy.It is also done before Swedan Karma .It is giuven in person with the rough skin and the person suffering from vata disoders.

Snehan also given in the person who perform the indulge in physical exarcise
Person who regularly take the wine and regularly perform the indulge sex with women.

Person suffering from mental stress and strain
Snehana prescribed in old aged persons,childrens, debilitatedand emaciated person
Person with more fatigue;
Person who are dry,
Person with depleted blood and semen,
Vatapidit Person
Person with Timira roga– ophthalmia, blindness.

Snehan Ayogya/Asnehya-The person in which snehan is contra-indicated

संशोधनादृते येषा रुक्षण संप्रचक्षते l न तेषा स्नेहन शस्त उत्सत्रकफ़ मेदसंl ll अभिष्यन्णानन गृदा नित्य
मंदाग्नयश्य ये l तृष्णामृर्च्छा परिताश्र्च गर्भिण्यस्तालु शोषिण: l अंन्नाव्दिषश्छर्दयंतो जठरामगरादिता: दुर्बलाश्र प्रतांताश्र स्नेहग्लाना मदातुरा: l त स्नेहा वर्तमाणेषु न नस्तो बस्तिकर्मसु l स्नेहपानात्प्रजार्यते तेषां रोगा: सुदारुणा:ll च सु १३/५३-५६

Snehan should not be given in such patients who are elifible for Rukshana ( drying therapy )

Person in which there is aggrevation of Kapha and Medas (fat)

Person with Kaphapradhana symptoms like excess mucus secretion from mouth and anus,

Person with too weak diagestive power

Person suffering from thirst and fainting, In pregnant women,

Person with dry palate, dry mouth, stiffness of thighs, anorexia

Person who have the aversion regarding food intake

Person with vomiting, diarrhoea ,and dysentery

Person with Abdominal diseases like diseases related to improper digestion and metabolism

Person afflicted with Garavisha (chronic diet- poison),

Person with excessive thirst and hunger

Disease of Ama condition

Diseases of throat,

Kapha pradhana disorders

Person with weak, emaciated body,

Who have the aversion to the intake of unctuous substances,

Person with fainting, loss of consciousness

Person in which Nasya and Basti karma done Chronic alcoholic,lady who was undergone abortion

People who are to be given nasal medication and enema.

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