sharad ritu

Sharad Ritu (Autumn/Fall) :

Sharad Ritu comes under the Visarga kaal or Dakshinayana .Period of Mid-September to Mid-November comes in sharad ritu . The sun rays seems to be wonderful, the sky stays clear .White cloud in sky seen occasionaly. The earth is occupied with wet mud. There is dominance of Lavana Rasa (salty) .The transcendent Mahabhutas are Apa and Agni . The physical strength and energy of a person is medium during this period of time.Due to sudden rise in temperature,body gets sudden exposure to warm rays of sun,hence Pitta becomes aggravated .

Diet Routine:
Madhura (sweet) and Tikta (sharp) rasa pradhan foods should be recommended.
Laghu (light to process) and cold foods should be eaten.
Foods having the pittashaman quality should be taken.
Wheat, green gram, sugar sweet, nectar, Patola (Trichosanthes diocia) are advisiable.
meat of animals from dry land,desert animals (Jangala Mamsa) should be recommaned.
.sugar, honey should be recommended.
Fruits like Amla,guava should be advisiable.
Avoid curd and meat of aquatic creatures.
Avoid too much oily and fatty foods.
Food prepares in sesame oil should be avoided.
Avoid alcohol consummation during this season.

Eat whenever you are hungery.Overeating should be avoided as digestive fire is moderate during this period.
One should take water sanitized by the beams of sun in day time and beams of moon during the evening for drinking, bathing etc.
Wear ornaments prepared from fresh flowers.
Application of Chandana (Santalum collection)paste with rose water all over the body should be recommended.
It is said that moon beams in the initial 3 hours of night is favorable for wellbeing hence sleeping on terrace is advisiable.
Restorative methods, for example, Virechana (cleansing), Rakta-Mokshana (phlebotomy), and so on, ought to be finished amid this season.

Avoid Napping during the day,
Avoid more exposure to sun light during this season.
Avoid exposure to breezy wind.


Body needs detoxification & cleansing this time. Fire element increases this time, temperature is already increasing which leads to increased Pitta. Old Pitta is already accumulated during the whole year need to be removed from the body & it is done through Virechan (Panchkarma therapy). Snehpan is also done to mitigate the increased Pitta. Snehapan with Tikta ghrita is recommended as it has properties of pittashamana.Vitiated pitta also causes the vitiation of rakta dosha due to ashraya-ashrayi bhava.Hence Raktamokshana(blood letting) is also recommended during this period.
Now a days, so many people have the problem of Gall Bladder Stones which happens due to Improper use of Pitta stored in excess. Also peoples have complaints of Hyperacidity, Gas, Bloating, Indigestion & Constipation during this period,hence it is necessary to detoxify the body by panchkarma..

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