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Get Shamanic Healing with Effective Ayurvedic remedies and Extracts of Ayurvedic herbs

Shaman Therapy is one of the important purification therapies in Ayurveda. It is also known as palliation or suppression therapy, as it is a milder form of treatment than the Shaman massage therapy India. Shaman aims at restoring balance and harmony in the body through medication when the patient is not fit for shodhana. Unlike Shodhan, the Shaman method demands efforts from the patient to retain the positivity of Shaman.

Some methods used in administering shamanic healing to the patient are deep, lying near the luminance of fire, pachan or burning of the toxins, ksud-nigraha or keeping fast, trut-nigraha or observing thirst,  vyayama or yoga stretching; atap-seva, which means lying in the sunlight.

Deepan helps to create appetite by having medicated ghee and spicy food to reduce the aggravated dosha and bring harmony. Paachan aids in digesting toxic wastes or ama, with various herbal combinations. Kshudha Nigrah is a fasting technique to kill the appetite. Selective fasting helps to balance the doshas in the body. Vayama or ‘physical exercise’ helps to reduce obesity, diabetes, digestive problems etc. Aatap Seva or sunbathing is recommended for skin problems, rheumatism, or arthritis. It helps to pacify Vata dosha.

If the body is stronger and ready for harsher purification methods, shodhana therapy is performed. Both Vaman Ayurvedic treatment and virechan Ayurvedic treatment are significant steps of Shodhana. Basti treatment in Ayurveda is helpful for vata dosha. Basti chikitsa eliminates excessive vata from the body. With a package of such elaborate Ayurvedic treatments and use of effective Ayurvedic remedies, experts at Parijatak Ayurveda work up to give you the best therapies.

Deepana Pachana Chikitsa

Different routes of administration are adapted for the different therapies. Nasya is administered through the nasal route, abhyanga through the skin, the Sneha Pana through the gastrointestinal tract, basti through the rectal route and so on.

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Pachana Chikitsa

It is also true that most of the shodhana therapies that include therapeutic emesis, therapeutic purgation, and therapeutic enema are administered through the gastrointestinal tract. Even the snehapana, a purvakarma in the shodhana therapy is also administered through the same system.

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