Prati Marsha and Marsha Nasya

Prati Marsha and Marsha Nasya

Prati Marsha and Marsha Nasya are the types of saneh nasya i.e in which saneh is administered through the nostrils. There is just a difference in dose between them.

  • Marsha Nasya (मर्श नस्य): This type of Nasya is administered in bahu dosha avastha/बहुदोष अवस्था (vitiated doshas) and the drugs used here are clarified butter, oils, etc in saneh from. It can be administered all the time except in durdin/दुर्दिन (rainy day when sun is covered with clouds).
  • Prati marsh Nasya (प्रतिमर्श नस्य): This Nasya can be administered throughout life. It is very beneficial just like marsh nasya. The dose of marsh Nasya is 2 drops in each nostril (Total 4 drops). Acharya Charaka said that this type of Nasya never build complications. It should be given two times a day in the morning as well as in the evening. It does not enhance the doshas and nourishes the mind as well as the body.

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