Prati Marsha and marsha nasya

Pratim marsha nasya and marsha nasya are the types of saneh nasya i.e in which saneh is administered through the nostrils. There is just a difference of dose between them.

  • Marsha nasya (मर्श नस्य): This type of nasya is administered in bahu dosha avastha/बहुदोष अवस्था (vitiated doshas) and the drugs used here are clarified butter, oils etc in saneh from. It can be administered all the time except in durdin/दुर्दिन (rainy day when sun is covered with clouds).
  • Prati marsh nasya (प्रतिमर्श नस्य): This nasya can be administered throughout life. It is very much beneficial just like marsh nasya. The dose of marsh nasya is 2 drops in each nostril (Total 4 drops). Acharya Charaka said that this type of nasya never build complications. It should be given two times a day in morning as well as in evening. It do not enhances the doshas and nourishes the mind as well as the body.

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