Pindi or Kavalika or Pindika

Pindi is the modification of vidalaka. Instead of directly applying the pastes to the eyelid, the drugs with medicinal properties are tied with cotton cloth and kept over the eyes.

पिंडी कवलिका प्रोक्ता वध्यते पट्टवस्त्रकै :/ (सु .उ १३ /२१-२२ )
वस्त्रवद्ध प्रकुपितमात्रे अवगन्ठनं नेत्रे / अ हृ उ १६/५

1. In vata diseases – oleus hot medicine has to use.
2. In pitta diseases – cold medicine has to use.
3. In kapha diseases – rough hot medicine has to use.


नेत्राभिष्यन्दयोग्या सा व्रणेश्वपी निबध्यते / सु उ १३-२१-२२
अभिष्यन्देस्षु सर्वेषु बध्नियात् पिंडीकां बुध :// सु उ १३/२४

It is used –
To treat the Abhishyanda (conjunctivitis)

To treat the Vranas (Ulcers)of eyes

To treat the Kapha-Pitta disoders

Pindi yoga
1. Pindi with triphala in all types of abhishyanda.

2. Pindi with amalaki or maha nimba patra in pittaja abhishyanda.

3. Pindi with sigru patra or nimba patra in kaphaja abhishyanda.

4. Pindi with lodra which is fried is ghritha, grinded with kanji is used in pitta and rakta abhishyanda.

5. Pindi with eranda patra, moola in vataja abhishyanda.

6. Pindi with nimba patra + sunti + saindhava lavana in kaphaja abhishyanda.

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