Persons suitable for Vaman Procedure

शेषास्तु वम्याः विशेषस्तु पीनस कुष्ठनवज्वरराजयक्ष्मकासश्र्वास गलग्रहगलगंड श्लीपदाप्रेमहमन्दाग्नीविरूध्दाजीर्णात्रविसूचिका लसक विषगरपीतदष्टदीग्धविद्धाधः शोणीतापित्तप्रेसक दुर्नाम s हल्लासारोचका-विपाकापच्यपस्मारोन्मादातीसार शोफ पाण्डूरोग मुखपाक दुष्टस्तन्याद्यः श्लेष्मव्याधयोविशेषेण रोगाध्यायोक्ताच्श्र ll च.सि. २-10


Vamana Yogya Vyakti-Vamanarhya

People suffering with fever of recent origin, diarrhoea, dysentery Pitta imbalance in lower part of abdomen Bleeding disorder due to Pitta imbalance cough,cold,Asthma,chronic Respiratory disorder, skin diseases,with itching and burning sensation such as herpes diabetes,urinary tract disorders Goitre,tumour,fibroid,thyroid disorders Elephantiasis,Filariasis Schizophrenia Shwasa – Chronic Respiratory tract disease, indigestion,continuous nausea, Anorexia, lack of taste, Vitiated breast milk Kapha disorders affecting neck,ear,nose eyes,and throat obesity Animia heaviness of the body eruption of pimples,urticarial,itching lethargy,laziness,lack of inclination for work,lack of co – ordination in sence organs,Fatigue,Weakness, tiredness without any reason. Foul smell of the body, sleeplessness or excessive sleep, drowsiness weak sense organs, impotency,loss of strength and complexion in spite of the intake of nutritious diet.


Persons not suitable for Vamana Panchakarma

अवम्यास्तावत – क्षतक्षीणातिस्थूलातिकृश बाल वृद्धदुर्बल श्रान्त पिपासित क्षुधित कर्मभारध्वहतोपवासित मैथूनाध्यनव्यायामचिंता प्रसक्त क्षामगर्भीणीसुकुमार संस्कृत कोष्ठ दुश्छर्दधोर्ध्व रक्तपित्त प्रसक्तच्छर्दीरुर्ध्व वांता स्थापितानुवासित हृद्रोगोदावर्त मुत्रघात प्लीह गुल्मोदरष्ठीला स्वरोपघात तिमिर शिरः शंखकर्णाक्षी शुलार्ताः ll च.सि. २-८

Basically, person who has Kapha deficiency – like dryness, lightness etc symptoms is not suitable for Vamana. Pregnant omen – she already will be having Rooskha – persons who are dry Person who has not undergone oleation therepy because, without oleation treatment ( Procedure of consuming ghee/oil, ahead of Vamana, explained in detail below), Kapha dose not get extracted into the gut. Who have strong digestive activity, person who hungry – here, usually Pitta is dominant. If a person is really hungry, then chances. If a person is really hungry, then chances are there that he will degest the medicine that is being given to induce vomiting and hence, vomiting might never happen. Constantly grief – stricken, children, old persons, the emaciated,higthly obese patient of heart disease, the wounded, weak, debilitated,who are having bouts of vomiting,enlargement of spleen,blindeness, intestinal parasites Upward movement of vata, bloating, hematemesis ( blood vomiting ), nasal bleeding Soon after administration of Vamana, who have loss of speech, dysuria, ascites, interstinal obstruction, tumor of the abdomen, who faced difficulties during Vamana therapy in earlier attempts, hemorrhoids upward movement of air – reverse peristalisis, Giddiness / Dizziness – enlargement of the prostate, pain in the flanks and diseases caused by vata ;

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