Peptic-Ulcer Disease

Pathya-apathya in parinamashoola (peptic-ulcer disease)

Parinamshoolais Vata-Pitta pradhantridoshajvyadhi. In these abdominal pain is occure during the phase of diagestion


Avoid Pitta (bile) prakopakahari.e sour and pungent food..

Avoid alcohols,

Avoid  fermented preparations and bakery products.

Avoid sesame seeds,mash and kulathhya.

Avoid vataprakopakahar.

Avoid cold beverages and soda drinks

avoid walking in sun, walking for long hours, getting angry, indulging in grief,

avoid sexual intercourse

Avoid excess drink of water

Do not smoke

Cut down intake of coffee,tea.


PathykarAhar and Vihar-

Regular exercise and yoga

Asan like Ardhamasendrasana,vjrasaan is good

Light and easily diagestable food is advisiable

Take meal atleast 3 hrs befor bed time.

Eat food slowly and chew it properly

Take plenty of salad.


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