Pathya Apathya For Vatarakta(Gout)

Pathya Apathya For Vatarakta(Gout)

Pathyakar Ahar-Vihar

Old cerals of barly,wheat,nivara,shali and shashi rice

Meat soup of gallinaceous and pecking birds

Soups of pigeon,Bengal gram,lentils

Cow milk,buffalow’s milk,goat milk are advisiable


Elephant foot (Suran kand)

Vegetables like Bitter gourd,ash gourd,shatavari,kakamachi are advisiable

Exersice and meditation is advisiable

Sunthisiddha Jala or warm water to drink


Apthyakar Ahar-Vihar

Black gram (Urad daal)


Ayurvedic medicines containing Kshar



Eating of pungent,hot,heavy,salty and sour food

Day sleeping

Exposure to  direct sunlight

Excess physical exertion

Excess sexual activity


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