Pathya Apathya for Skin Diseases


  1. Intake of light and non spicy food is advisiable.
  2. Stop intake salt.
  3. Vegetables (leafy) having bitter taste like karela,patola is advisiable.
  4. Nimba,triphala,bakuchi siddha ghee is used for food preparation.
  5. Old cereals.
  6. Meat of animals inhibiting arid land and preparations of mudga.
  7. According to Sushrut Urine of camel is best for Kushta.
  8. The use of khadira in snana, pana and anna is good for patients suffering from kushta.
  9. Regarding viharavaghbhat mentions vrata, damayama, thayagaseela, dwijasurapooja, worshipping of siva, Bhaskara etc.
  10. Brahmacharya palan.


  1. Avoid intake of heavy and sour food.
  2. Avoid milk and milk products like chees, paneer etc.
  3. Avoid curd.
  4. Avoif fermented products.
  5. Avoid meat of animals inhabiting marshy land, fish.
  6. Avoid jiggery and sugar.
  7. Avoid tila, kulatthy, mash is prohibited.
  8. Avoid Day sleeping.
  9. Avoid excessive anger.

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