Pathya-Apathya for Otitis Media

Pathya-Apathya for Otitis Media

The diet taken by a patient with ear problems should  not be kaphakar.

Use of  onion, ginger and garlic in food Turmeric is also very good, and must be used for spicing the meals. Food should be fresh, well-cooked, Grains likeBarley, Rye, .Oats, Millet ,red variety of  rice are used

Legumes: Green or yellow mung beans or red lentils (dal) are used Spices like hing, kalmi, lavang, black pepper, ginger should be used..

Vegetables:Vegetables like Green, leafy vegetables (well cooked), white pumpkin, asparagus, artichoke, cabbage, brinjal, celery , carrots , spinach,, tomato and tender white radish , green papaya.

Dairy Products:  goat’s milk, buttermilk are advisiable

Sweeteners: honey can be used.

Fruits: grapes, pomegranates, papayas , figs, apples , guava are used.

Raisins are also advisiable

Oils: All (except coconut oil) in very small amounts for cooking only.

Do Massage  of  the head and neck.

2.Take a hot water bath.

  1. Steam the face and neck:

Apathyakar Ahar-Vihar


Sour foods must be avoided as they vitiate the kapha. These include curds and fruits that are

sour in taste.

Bananas, watermelons, oranges, papayas and cucumbers must be avoided. These foods can

increase the chances of having common cold. This would aggravate the ear problem. For the

same reason,

all refrigerated foods must also be avoided,

Day slleping should be avoided,

Long term exposure to cold wind should be avoided,

Overeating should be avoided,

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