Pathya-Apathya in Knee pain

Pathya-Apathya in Knee pain Pathya-Apathya in Knee pain (Dos)
  • Eat warm, nourishing, easy-to-digest meals like kichari,•
  • Apply a thin layer of castor oil to sore joints before applying a heating pad to help support joint comfort and scrape ama,•
  • Sip hot water – the best digestive medicineto remove toxins from your body
  • Eat cow,s ghee in routin diet
  • Consume fruits which are rich in calcium like dates,flaxseeds,walnuts,gondEat Amlalki (amla)daily because it is good for bone health as it is rich in Vit C
  • Consume vegetables prepared from giloy leaves .(Gulvel)Or .Giloystems can be chewed as is or powdered and mixed with lukewarm water.
  • Turmeric is antiseptic and great healer. One tablespoon with milkmethi (fenugreek seeds) can be soaked overnight and consumed to relieve pain. Sunthi siddha Jala- water boil with dry ginger
  • Tulsi is known as an anti-rheumatic (joint pains) and antispasmodic (muscle spasms) agent. Kadha (Decoction) prepared with tulsi relieves joint pain.
  • Wear proper shoes- Keep activeMaintain the weight.Because over weight causes extra sress on joints and bones
  •  Check your posture (while at work, sitting or driving)• Practice Ujjayi and NadiShodana pranayama to help you to remove natural toxins from the body, and address any signs and consequences of anxiety.
  • Gentle yoga like the Pawanmuktasana,tadasana which help to reduce vata and increase lubrication of the joints.
    ApathyakarAhar-Vihar (DONTS)
  • Avoid dry and oily food items.
  • Avoid tamarin ,peackles and curdAvoid fermented products.
  •  Avoid wearing heels for long• Avoid white sugar, alcohol, and dairy (particularly ice cream and cheese)
  • Avoid intense physical activity
  • Avoid day sleeping
  • Do not sit for long hours, take short breaks. Stretch, walk, climb stairs.Avoid smokingAvoid stress

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