Pathya-Apathya For Hypotension


Take simple receipies in diet.Diet is always balanced diet

Take plenty of salad in diet like cucumber,carrot,beet,broccolietc

Fresh fruits like mousambi,graps,organges,watermenol which is high in water content should be recommended.

Drink lots of water

Black salt will be added on salad.

Drink cow’s milk at bed time

Cow’s ghee is recommended in diet

Take a rest after heavy exertion

Atleast 8 hours of sleep is advisiable.

Yoga and Asanas like-

Basic Breathing (Pranayama)

The Shoulder Stand (Sarvang Asana)

The Corpse Pose (Shava Asana) should be recommended.

Medition also good for mind relaxation


Avoid heavy,spicy and oily food

Avoid non-veg diet.

Avoid stress and tension

Avoid longter exposure to sun



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