Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Pathya-apathya in Grahni( Irritable bowel syndrome )

Diets which are stool binding, light in digestion and improves digestive fire are wholesome whereas foods which are laxative in action and heavy in digestion should be avoided in patients suffering fromGrahniroga(mal absorption diseases).

Sali and Sasthivariety of rice

pulse soup of Masoor, Mudga(green gram), curd, cow milk, meat of carnivorous birds, meat soup of rabbit, Ena(black deer), all types of small fishes etc. are frequently advisable.

Stool binding foods like pulp of fresh Bilva(aegel) fruits, pomegranate, Sringataka(water chestnut /TrapabispinosaRoxb.), Jambu(black plum /Eugenia jambolanaLam.), bark of Kutaja(Holarrhenaantidysentrica), Vijaya(Cannabis sativaLinn), Jatiphala(Nutmeg/MyristicafragransHenlt.) should be advisiable

  •  Spices like black papper,cumin seeds, coriander, kalmi are good for Grahaniroga.
  • Cow,s ghee  or goat’s milk  is helpful in promoting digestive fire.
  •  Buttermilk is advisible .
  •  Measures like sleeping, fasting (Langhana), are recommended, as these conducts are helpful in digestion of food.
  • Mild emesis is also beneficial, as it is useful in expulsion of Ama(undigested food).


6 Diets which are laxative by action like sugarcane, mango, Yavakshara, berry, milk, jiggery, cow’s urine, Draksha(VitisviniferaLinn.), leafy vegetables, ripe drum-stick, ginger, Sauvir (barley and wheat’s kanji), sour eatables, salts, contaminated water etc. are unwholesome and

  • Urada(black gram/ Phaseolusmungo Linn.), Rajamasha(cow peas /VignacatiangWalp.),barley, potato and other tubers, puddings and puris,beans, peas,etc.areavoided  because it is heavy for diagestion.
  • Psycological factors like  passion, anger, greed, confusion, envy, grief, anxiety and fear  are responsible for Amadosha formation  (undigested food) hence these should be avoided.
  • excessive drinking of water and night awakening cause suppression of diagestive flame hence it should be avoided.

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