Pathya-Apathya for Obesity Treatment in Ayurveda

Pathya-Apathya for Obesity

Pathya-Apathya for Obesity Treatment in Ayurveda, Obesity is a condition where a person has accumulated so much body fat that it might have a negative impact on his health. If a person’s body weight is even 20% higher than it should be, he or she is considered obese.

There are many reasons why people become obese. It may be the intake of high caloric food, sedentary lifestyle, getting less sleep, defective lipid metabolism, smoking, use of certain medication, or presence of certain genes that make a person more vulnerable to obesity.

Pathyakarahar (Do’s) for Obesity Treatment

These are the things that are recommended in Ayurveda which help to reduce body weight. When consumed in proper proportions in the form of herbal remedies, these Ayurvedic things help to shed fat from your body.

  • Anna varga-PuranaShali(Old variety of Rice),Raktashali( Red variety of Rice)Shasthikashali(Rice harvested in 60 days),Yava(Barley),Chanaka(Chickpea) ,Kulatha(Horsegram)
  • Jalavarga-ShrutaSheetaJala(LukeWarm Water)PanchkolashrutaJala(Water with Panchakola)Shunti siddha jala ( Ginger Water)
  • Madhu(Honey)
  • Madyavarga-PuranaSidhu( Old Wine)
  • Mutravarga-Gomutra (Cow’s Urine)
  • Kanda varga-Lasuna(Garlic) ,Ardraka ( Wet Ginger ) ,Sunthi ( Dry Ginger)
  • Ksheeravarga- Takra ( Buttermilk)
  • Shakavarga- Patola(Bottlegourd) ,Karavellaka ( Bitter gourd) ,Varthaka (Brinjal)Nimbapatra(Neem leaves) ,Shigru ( Drum Stick)
  • Mamsavarga-JangalaMamsa (Forest meat)

Besides these, regular exercise, Yoga, and pranayama have to be done regularly.

Light food intake is advisable.

An important fact is that most of the vegetables are good to reduce the formation of Kapha as well Ama, so it always consumed warm and along with some spices.


ApathyaAhara and Vihar (Don’ts) for Obesity Treatment

These are the things use of which are prohibited when you are overweight and want to go for an Ayurvedic weight loss regimen.

  • Anna varga- Navanna (New variety of Rice)Sreeharsha.
  • Masha (Black gram)
  • Taila Oil
  • Jalavarga-DushitaJala( Polluted water) SheetaJala ( Coldwater)
  • Madyavarga-NutanaMadya(New Wine)
  • Kanda varga- Aluka (Potato)
  • Ksheeravarga–Dadhi( Curd),Ksheera (Apakva) Milk
  • Guda(Jaggery)
  • Mamsavarga-AnupaMamsa(Marshyland Animal meat)

Shun the habits like Diwaswap (Day sleeping), Ratrijagaran(Night awaking), Aalasya (inactive or sedentary lifestyle).

Avoid Ahara having Guru Snigdha, Ati Drava, Picchila, and AbhishyandiGunatmaka. Excess consumption of food is called as AthiMatraAharaSevana; it must be avoided.

Avoid drinking excessive water after consuming food as it slows down the process of digestion.

Consumption of dairy products, oily foods, salty and sour food articles should be limited.

Ayurvedic Weight Loss Program at Parijatak

Parijatak Ayurveda is one of the most renowned weight loss treatment centers based in Nagpur India and works upon its specially designed weight loss program efficiently. The experts have customized weight loss program with specially drafted diet plan and yoga schedules. One needs to follow the instructions of the doctors at Parijatak religiously if they want good results in obesity treatment.

The herbal remedies formulated here are very effective and have been appreciated by many of the clients. Ayurveda helps you to lose weight gradually but in the proper way, without producing any side effects. Consult Parijatak’s experts to get your body back in form and get rid of the others disorders associated with obesity.


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