Pathya Apathya in Eye Diseases 

Pathya Apathya in Eye Diseases
Grains like Shali wheat, mudga ,redvaiety of rice are advisiable. saindhavalavana, karpoora, kathaka, karanja, lodhra,Nimba, Nirgundi, Amalki, Shiva (Haritaki), Manjishtha, Padmak, nisha, lavanga, JatiphalaPriyangu keeps the prolonged healthy vision.

  • Fruits such as Amalki,Amra, Draksha, Jambeera areadvisiable in eye diseases because it have antioxidant properties.
  • According to  Bhavmishracow’s ghee, as well as buffalo’s ghee is very good for eye diseases.
  • While  Raj Nighantusugested fresh butter milk and milk products of cow, and Gaj milk (elephant)
  • Oil like sarshapataila,Narikelataila are advisiable.
  • Makshika and Kshoudra variety of honey is best for eye disoders.
  • Herbs like  punarnava,jivanti  provide good vision.
  • Triphalaghrita, Madhu,yava, shatavari, mudga are best for eye disoders.


Daily application of oil in foot region i e padabhyaganga increases eye sight.
b) Padukadharana (foot wear wearing)According to yoga shastra there are two nadis (nerves) named as Gandhara and pusha which supply nutrition to eyes and very intimately connnected with feet.
c) Cold water application: (Sheetambuprativasana) Keeping mouth full of cold water 2 to 4 times a day will keep the eye sight and ensure good vision.
d) SheetodakaSechana– cold water instillationfew drops of cold water 3 to 4 times a day is beneficial to vision.
e) Panitalaasparsha -Keeping the cold palms of washed hands after taking meals in contact with eyes will prevent timira forever.
f) Sheetodakashira snana -According to charka one should wash his body with warm water and cold water should be used for head bath. Warm water if daily used on the heads it lessens the eye sight.
g) Anjana (Applicaton of collyrium) -Regular application of anjana will protect the eye from dust,toxins sunlight and enhances the eyesight.
h )Shiroveshthana -Vagbhatacharyarecommended packing of head with cloths i.eShrioveshthanam because  it  protect head from trauma.
Sana likes pranayama,Bhrasthika and tratak is good for vision power.
Apathyakaraahar and vihar- Excessive intake of lavanrasatmakahar should be avoided.

  • Avoid chewing of beetle leaf and nut
  • Avoid fruits like banana and custerud apple.
  •  Working in dimlight should be avoided
  • Working at very minute object etc. is harmful to vision.
  •  Avoid exposure to toxic fumes (Dhooma) Day sleep (Diwaswap)

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