Parasikayavani Herb

पारसीकयवानी तू यवानीसदृशा गुनै:│

विशेषात्पाचनी रुच्या ग्राहीनी मादिनी गुरु:││

Botanical Name :Prunuscerasoidus Linn.


According To Modern

Kingdom –Plantae

Order –Polemoniales

Family     –Solanaceae

According To Ayurveda

Charak-  Not include in Varga

Sushruta- Not include in Gana

Bhavprakash- Haritakyadivarga


Other Names :

English Name- Henbane, Black Henbane, Common Henbane, Devil’s eye, Fetid nightshade, Jupiter’s Bean
Hindi Name- Khurasani Ajawayan
Bengali Name- KhorasaniAjoban
Tamil Name- KurasaniYomam
Gujarati Name- KhurasaniAjma
Kannada Name – Khurasani Oma
Malayalam Name – Khurasani Ova
Telugu Name – Khurasani Yamani
Arabian Name – Altercum, Bajulbajj
Farsi name – Turumavanga

General Information :

Habit – an erect, biennial or annual herb grows upto 80 cm in height. Stem – robust. Leaf – Basal leaves are spreading, petiolate, oblong-ovate, 15 to 20 cm, coarsely sinuate-toothed. Cauline leaves are smaller, sessile, clasping, obal-oblong, sinuat, pinnatifid, lobes, irregular, triangular and lanceolate. Inflorescence – Terminal scorpiod cymes. Flowers – Dirty-yellow veined with violet, throat is purplish-black. Fruits- Capsule enclosed in the persistent and enlarged calyx.

Properties (Gunadharma)

Rasa-Katu, Tikta

Vipak- Katu

Virya- Ushna



Specific Parts :

Seed, Leaf, Flower

Doshaghnata :

Kaphaghna, vataghna


Shloka’s :

पारसीकयवानी तू यवानीसदृशा गुनै:│

विशेषात्पाचनी रुच्या ग्राहीनी मादिनी गुरु:││

Benefits :

Internal application :

Grahi being katu, tikta and ushna. Moisture from pureesha is absorbed due to its rookshata. It is vatashamaka and angamardprashamana and analgesic as well. Hence it is used in atisara, pravahika, shola and grahani as a binding agent. It is used in anaha and gulma also.

Krimiroga (Worm infestation):

Parasikayavani (Hyoscyamusniger)powder with hot water after taking jiggery will expel Krimi (Worms) immediately.

Pain in ear

Parasikayawanisidhhatil tail is used in ear pain.

Intestinal parasites, roundworm

For parasitic infestation, eat 10gram jaggery empty stomach in the morning. After that eat 200-500mg of its seeds powder.

Urinary problems, stones

The Satva of seeds is given in dose of 12 drops, 3-4 times a day.

Pain in liver

The seeds oil is applied externally on affected area.


Formulation (Kalp):

Parashayadichoorna, Khorasaniasava.


Dosage :

Choorna – 0.25 to 0.5 gm.


Research Corner :

A new steroidal glycoside hyoscyamosde G (I), together with two known analogues byoscyamoside E (2) and hyoscymoside F1 (3), was isolated from the seeds of Hyoscyamusniger.


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